Is the CISO You Have the CISO You Need?

Is the CISO You Have the CISO You Need?

From top to bottom, today's CISO needs a wide-ranging set of skills to be successful in defending their organization against hackers in the current threat landscape. Whether you're thinking of replacing your current CISO, considering bringing one on board, or are interviewing for the role, you must have a thorough understanding of what makes a winner. From leading board-level initiatives to understanding how data and money flow through each department, a CISO has to have a strong foundation in both technology and risk management, an appetite to take smart risks, and a mind for innovation.

Today's CISO is playing digital battleship; in war, you have to be prepared to take calculated risks. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing fields in the technology sector and that is unlikely to change, given that bad actors are constantly evolving to find new ways to steal data and money. A smart CISO will be agile because attack surface areas and risks change quickly and they need to be able to promptly respond to recover from a cyberattack.

Operational resiliency goes beyond traditional security controls and coverage, to defending your business in real-time. Whoever facilitates this role must think on their feet and change strategies on the fly in response to whatever cybersecurity climate and threat your organization faces.

In this eBook from DefenseStorm, you will discover the nine essential elements that make up a stellar CISO, including:

  • What qualifies them to earn a seat at the board table;
  • How CISO's should build credibility within the organization to get buy-in on their security agenda
  • Critical foundational skills in security, technology and risk management every CISO must possess

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