Safeguard Enterprise Compliance and Remain Vigilant Against Threats

Safeguard Enterprise Compliance and Remain Vigilant Against Threats

Organizations around the world including 92 of the world's top 100 banks, 23 of the top 25 US retailers and nine of the world's 10 largest insurance organizations trust their business to securable, scalable, self-optimizing IBM® System z® mainframes. Estimates are, in fact, that despite the growth of distributed computing, mainframes still process roughly 30 billion business transactions daily, including most major credit card transactions, stock trades and money transfers. Now, as threats of data breaches and attacks continue to grow, the security made possible by System z becomes more important than ever. But enterprise security is an ongoing process requiring persistent vigilance. And in a constantly changing landscape of data theft and compromise, organizations can never rest. They must remain alert and protected with their own changing and improving defenses, taking full advantage of the security that System z makes possible and deploying the latest software solutions for eliminating management silos, detecting vulnerabilities and providing threat visibility. This white paper will discuss challenges organizations face in changing risk and compliance environments. It will present IBM mainframe and software solutions that can help sustain security and regulatory compliance amid that change.

Download the White Paper to explore:

  • Why big data requires comprehensive protection to avoid a big breach;
  • How mainframes can help an organization stay on top of change;
  • How IBM System z supports security best practices as well as compliance.

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