ReversingLabs Managed Software Assurance Service

ReversingLabs Managed Software Assurance Service

The strategic importance of securing software that enriches our daily lives - our banking systems and ATMs, medical records, utilities and even our connected homes and cars - cannot be understated. Malicious actors are actively targeting software supply chains with new levels of sophistication and patience.

This report delivers additional insights needed to improve and assure the software package behaves in a trustworthy manner, such as:

  • Description of full software bill of materials extracted with recursive package decomposition
  • Components are verified if they are found in our file reputation dbs or trusted repositories
  • Have correct version information, and have no malware
  • Software quality issues, malware threats, vulnerability mitigation coverage, data protection issues, and malicious behavior uncovered by deep inspection and advanced analysis
  • An audit report with explainable insights in both machine-readable and human-readable formatting for all embedded files

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