Reliable & Scalable Security Infrastructure
Reliable & Scalable Security Infrastructure In today's banking world, the importance of a comprehensive, reliable and scalable security infrastructure has never been greater. Thales HSMs have been used for over 25 years by a large number of banks worldwide mainly to protect customer PINs during credit and debit card transaction processing.

More recently Thales has built up a considerable set of new features in the HSM 8000 product family including support for the emerging needs of stronger data-at-rest protection, user authentication (especially for internet banking) and the wide range of data preparation and personalisation permutations for contact and contactless card issuing.

The new whitepaper from Thales explains:

  • How maximizing the use of your HSM 8000 will save you money
  • How to upgrade your existing HSM 8000 to support issuing, data protection, user authentication and internet banking capabilities
  • How to reduce time to market for new business applications by using the Thales firmware customization service

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