The Illusive and Intrusive Advanced Malware; How it Avoids Detection

The Illusive and Intrusive Advanced Malware; How it Avoids Detection

Contrary to common assumption, "advanced malware" is not a singular type of superior malicious code or harmful object that can that compromises systems, harvests data or damages corporate networks. Rather, this term describes sophisticated behavior and evasion capabilities that certain strands of malware possess which have been created and perpetrated by organized crime rings and state-sponsored factions.

Signature-based malware detection proves ineffective at detecting advanced malware, and while many security vendors have developed sandboxes to provide additional detection capabilities, today's advanced malware is engineered specifically to detect when it is running in a sandbox. The only way to defeat this sophisticated malware is to implement tools that have been specifically designed to detect all known evasion techniques and easily adapt to new ones.

Download this whitepaper to better understand:

  • The short-comings of traditional detection tools;
  • The scope of evasion tactics that advanced malware possesses, keeping it stealthy and able to evade detection;
  • A fresh and unique approach to detecting advanced malware.

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