How to Secure a Moving Target with Limited Resources

How to Secure a Moving Target with Limited Resources This white paper outlines the limitations of traditional defense mechanisms; specifically, how cybercriminals have refined the malware manufacturing and development process to systematically bypass them - thereby initiating an arms race with defenders. Security patches are found to be a primary and effective means to escape this arms race as they remediate the root cause of compromise. However, timely patching of the software portfolio of any organization is like chasing a continually moving target.

This white paper touches on the following:

  • Compliance does not imply security;
  • Patching is all about quality, not quantity. A comparison of two patching strategies shows that knowing what to patch pays off;
  • Research reveals that an 80% reduction in risk can be achieved by patching and identifying either the 12 most risky programs or the 37 most prevalent programs.

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