Every CISO Wants to Know: Where’s the Risk? CDEM Reveals All

Every CISO Wants to Know: Where’s the Risk? CDEM Reveals All

Is Your Cloud Asset Inventory 100% Accurate?

It's hard enough to gain visibility and control over managed assets in a cloud environment. But companies also have many shadow cloud assets outside the view of security that are exposed to the internet, giving attackers ample opportunity to exploit weaknesses — before security teams are aware they even exist.

The solution? Cloud discovery and exposure management.

Choose wisely, and you can secure your unknown and known cloud assets with a single asset inventory. This guide to cloud discovery and exposure management explains how. Highlights:

  • Where a CDEM delivers the biggest value.
  • Identifying rogue cloud and shadow instances you're not tracking.
  • Using an outside-looking-in view to compare data with CSPM for a comprehensive survey of exposures.
  • Onboarding unmanaged assets, remediating exposure and strengthening cloud security posture for thorough compliance and governance.

Get the details, learn how to use CDEM to find, evaluate and remediate the risks of rogue assets, and take a giant leap forward in enterprise cloud security.

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