eBook: Demystifying Biometric Face Verification

eBook: Demystifying Biometric Face Verification

Organizations recognize biometric face verification as a secure and usable method to verify remote individuals. As the technology becomes more integrated into digital identity systems, it's important for organizations to understand the available technologies and their suitability for various use cases and risks.

Not all biometric face verification solutions are the same. They differ in performance, accessibility, inclusivity, and protection against evolving attacks.

Understanding the components of these solutions can be challenging.

In this eBook, we discuss

  • Key considerations when evaluating API or SDK-deployed solution
  • Differentiators of on-premise vs cloud-based solutions
  • The different challenge-response mechanisms deployed – active, passive, and one-time biometrics – and their strengths and weaknesses
  • The key standards and accreditations any vendor must meet
  • Mitigating bias in biometric face verification, and the accessibility standards vendors must comply with

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