Crawl, Walk, Run: Maximizing SIEM

Crawl, Walk, Run: Maximizing SIEM

Many organizations aggressively roll out SIEM or log management based on sales promises that "it will do everything for you." While these promises are mostly true, they may represent an organization's end goal, not their realistic starting point.

The reality is that SIEM functionality is limited to where the organization is and what it has in place...and that's 100% okay.

This white paper explores each of the three stages of SIEM growth: Crawl, Walk, and Run. While some recommendations in each stage may seem obvious, organizations that don't follow them pay the price. But the advantages of Crawl, Walk, Run's growth-oriented approach is two-fold. First, you can avoid moving faster than is beneficial. Second, you can steer clear of "throwing out the baby with the bathwater" by disregarding a potential solution that can't yet deliver what you want because the organization - not the technology - isn't ready.

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