The Case For Smarter Case Management

The Case For Smarter Case Management

When you look at how companies value themselves and their assets over the past few decades, there's been a dramatic shift - away from a position in 1975 where the majority of company value came from tangible assets like stock, plant and machinery, facilities and so on; to the situation we have now where the majority of company value comes from intangible assets like intellectual property. This shift in corporate value is a reflection of the strategic shift that organisations are making around the world - again fuelled by the globalisation of competition. Smart companies realise that they not only have to drive efficiency, maintain competitive pricing and deliver great products; they have to focus on how they can deliver exceptional experiences to customers. This in turn points to the need to look afresh at customer servicing capabilities, and how these integrate with other parts of your business (marketing, sales, operations) - to ensure that the promises you make are actually delivered or even exceeded. Great services and experiences need to be knowledge-driven; they can't be delivered purely through the performance of rigid processes and rote work. Your company's ability to capture, share, develop and operationalise knowledge in a way that clearly ties into delivering effective services and experiences has rapidly become a very important factor in its ability to thrive. 'Knowledge work' has long been a topic of interest to management consultants and theorists; but its effectiveness has never been more important. Whether the knowledge workers we're talking about are call-centre agents and customer service reps, clerks, operations experts, engineers, senior underwriters, investigators, planners or managers, the ability to maximise the effectiveness of their work - and integrate its output into the operational infrastructure, processes and platforms of your company - is something you must pay serious attention to.

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  • What are the case management imperatives;
  • What is at the core of case management;
  • How to augment core Case Management to drive effectiveness further.

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