The Case for Business Software Assurance

The Case for Business Software Assurance In recent years, the hacking community has shifted its efforts toward a new frontier: the application layer. With most companies spending thousands, if not millions, of dollars securing the perimeter with network firewalls, intrusion prevent systems, and other devices, hackers have realized the lowest hanging fruit lies in the applications themselves. Vulnerabilities that exist in the code are being exploited to steal private data, conduct phishing attacks, deface web sites, and run any range of online scams. These vulnerabilities have lead to breaches exposing over 212 million records over the last 3 years.

How are companies responding? Business Software Assurance. This is the capability to address the problem of application risk within an enterprise. It's the goal of ensuring the software that runs your business � whether it's the code you developed internally, outsourced, purchased, or integrated from the open-source community � is secure and able to withstand attack.

This white paper provides an overview of:

  • the severity of the application layer exploitation
  • the current hacking landscape
  • and the people, processes, and technology needed to develop Business Software Assurance in your organization

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