The Buyer’s Guide to Security Validation

The Buyer’s Guide to Security Validation

Skyrocketing vulnerabilities and a constantly evolving attack surface have led to a new cybersecurity landscape in which existing security measures are struggling to keep pace.

Those looking for new ways to significantly reduce this risk are turning to Gartner's newest framework - Continuous Threat Exposure Management. CTEM changes the way security programs address vulnerabilities and improve security readiness by revealing the adversary’s view of your IT environment and mapping exposures to guide remediation actions.

CTEM already leverages many existing technologies and processes. But what makes CTEM different from most current security programs is its emphasis on validation. It’s no longer enough to assume security controls work the way that you intend them to, teams must know that they do.

This is why the key to getting started with a CTEM program is adding a security validation tool to your security stack.

Learn more in the Buyer’s Guide to Security Validation about:

  • Why is now the time to invest in a SecVal solution;
  • Who uses these tools and what for?;
  • A framework for evaluating SecVal tools & success criteria.

Grab a copy of the guide here.

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