'But I Was Compliant...' - Investing in Security for a Compliant Business

'But I Was Compliant...' - Investing in Security for a Compliant Business

It's a story you'll watch unfold time and time again. The breach. The headlines. The confusion. The public apologies. The finger-pointing. And it's often followed by some form of the following statement: "But I was compliant." Compliance is never enough. The challenges are understandable, but taking the path of least resistance is not.

There is no instance in which a security-first practice is weaker than a regulatory standard; the security-first approach is shaped by the realities of the threat landscape. If security is the metaphorical horse, compliance is the cart; an organization's security drives their compliance.

Download this whitepaper which explores.

  • How focusing on compliance as the primary objective creates gaps between an organization's perceived, and actual level of security
  • The importance of classifying data according to its sensitivity, location, attractiveness to attackers and other factors; not just by compliance requirements.
  • How a security-first approach drives a sensible purchasing strategy, simultaneously reducing risk and overall cost.

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