Addressing Online Fraud & Beyond
Addressing Online Fraud & Beyond This whitepaper presents an overview of the security options that can help thwart fraud today and into the future, including multi-factor authentication and fraud detection solutions. With a clear understanding of the tools available and a way to effectively begin and evolve, organizations can take the essential steps towards protecting their consumers and brand over the long term.

Download this white paper to compare security options which address three main areas when it comes to online fraud:

  • Protecting the corporate brand
  • Safeguarding customers
  • Meeting the appropriate regulations

A myriad of security vendors have stepped to the forefront in attempts to ease these concerns. While this has inspired an explosion of innovation around both strong authentication and fraud detection, there have been challenges introduced as well. Some of these vendors are trusted providers of online security expertise, but many newer players lack the experience and know-how that larger organizations require. Download White Paper

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