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Virtual Event I APAC Operational Technology Security Summit

Virtual Event I APAC Operational Technology Security Summit

As industrial organizations continue to digitize their operations, they are pulling production data from across their operations into IT systems. As more OT systems are connected to enterprise IT networks, this data can be shared to help drive business growth. But with this increased connectivity comes increased risk. Because many OT environments have inadequate and outdated security, cybercriminals are increasingly attacking cyber-physical systems in manufacturing, energy, utility and other industries.

The Fortinet OT Security Summit includes sessions that explain how you can set up an integrated cybersecurity strategy that covers your IT and OT networks. You’ll learn how to protect your unique legacy systems, secure the expanding attack surface, and keep remote employees, vendors, and service providers safe from attacks. Register now for the Operational Technology Security Summit and gain the knowledge you need to ensure that everything within your IT and OT production networks stays safe, available, and secure.

Sessions will discuss IT and OT network convergence and the importance of using OT-specific solutions that can integrate multiple data sources to automate security and speed intrusion detection time. You’ll learn about:

  • Protecting endpoints and implementing security controls and policy enforcement
  • Setting up segmentation and microsegmentation to reduce risks
  • Deploying centralized monitoring, logging, and reporting across IT and OT systems
  • Mitigating threats, vulnerabilities, and zero-day exploits with real-time, up-to-date, threat intelligence

An interesting panel discussion is on the theme Panel Discussion: Steps to achieving OT Cyber Resilience in the A.I. era. Please see details of the panel discussion below:

Organizations that embarked on accelerated digital transformation are connecting their OT systems to the outside world. And since then, there have been a surge of ransomware targeting OT infrastructure worldwide. Manufacturing, Energy and Facilities have all been targeted. With the greater available of AI tools today, malicious hackers who do not have deep skillsets are now able to conduct those complex hacking previously only carried out by the more sophisticated hackers. Organizations got to step up their cyber defense and adopt a holistic approach to be better prepared to support the vision and growth of their businesses with minimal disruption from adversaries. In this session, the panel would discuss about the current challenges faced by most organizations, and the type of tools that enable them to stay ahead in this A.I. era.

You’ll also hear from Fortinet customers and partners about how they are using the Fortinet OT Security Platform to secure their production environments and critical infrastructure.

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