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Securing Your Email Infrastructure

Securing Your Email Infrastructure
Electronic communication is at the heart of every organization, but one compromised e-mail can damage your corporate brand, compromise intellectual property or put you in non-compliance with laws and industry regulations. Privacy concerns, regulatory compliance, and corporate guidelines all need to be factored into your decision-making process when it comes to e-mail security management.

GLBA and SOX both have an impact on your e-mail security strategy as your institution is responsible for:

  • Preventing the leakage of personally identifiable information via e-mail (GLBA)
  • Maintaining an audit trail of where an e-mail message originates from (SOX)
  • Ensuring complete access to e-mail messages when needed (SOX)
  • Preventing unauthorized access to stored messages (GLBA)

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How industry regulations affect your institution's e-mail archiving strategy;
  • Key technology considerations for securing your e-mail;
  • An example of how to deploy e-mail encryption.


Trust is the foundation of the banking industry, and there's no surer way to squander that trust than by failing to protect the integrity of your institution's electronic communication.

Think for a moment of the amount of sensitive data your employees exchange daily with colleagues, partners and even customers. Now, consider the ramifications if this information were to fall into the hands of competitors or criminals.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that corporations lose $100 billion each year due to "industrial espionage" much of this through insecure e-mail.

As a result of this risk, many banking institutions now recognize the need to automatically secure and encrypt sensitive e-mail communication that exits their infrastructure boundary. Policies alone won't do the job; true security requires technology, too.

Does your messaging solution protect your sensitive information? Register for this webinar to learn more about:

  • The specific internal and external threats to e-mail communication;
  • The basics of e-mail encryption;
  • Technology questions you must answer before deploying the solution that's right for your institution.

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