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Ransomware: Just the Tip of the Iceberg for Cybercrime

Ransomware: Just the Tip of the Iceberg for Cybercrime

Always highly profitable but generally opportunistic in reaching its individual victims, digital hostage-taking, especially of the cryptographic variety, is now rapidly developing into a favorite technique of the more strategic, enterprise-focused attacker. You can have your business back, but for a fee in this new cybercrime reality.

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The dangers of cyberspace have gone from thievery to punitive behavior and serious damage to enterprises. For a variety of end goals, be it hacktivism, nation-state revenge or financial gain, the methodology is simple. Quite often the first you'll hear of an attack is: "We have encrypted your systems. Pay us x amount, and we will give you the key."

Imagine being asked if you would like every database entry your company created in the last six months back? Pay up, or it's encrypted purgatory for that database and you. In this session we'll discuss the scope of this current threat, as well as the best available concepts in prevention and recovery. We'll cover the dangers of secondary infections and the latest on the monetization schemes plaguing organizations today with a case study of a ransomware attack.

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