Password Management: The Key Component of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Password Management: The Key Component of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Did you know that 80% of data breaches caused are due to weak, reused, or stolen passwords? These unprotected passwords create endless risks for your business, making it all-important to ensure password security among your employees. With more devices, apps, and users than ever before, there is additional complexity in managing and protecting user access in your business. The change in the work environment with businesses shifting their strategies to allow for long-term remote or hybrid work, providing the employees secure access to their work apps and tools has been challenging. While there are myriad ways of securing user access, password management is the one your employees will love, and IT will approve.

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The session will discuss:

  • Why credential management needs to be a priority in your business
  • How businesses can mitigate poor password behavior
  • Best practices for securing remote work & passwords

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