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OnDemand | How to Stop the Four Horsemen of the Data Loss Apocalypse

OnDemand | How to Stop the Four Horsemen of the Data Loss Apocalypse

Data breaches have increased for 75% of organizations due to the onslaught of remote work unleashed by the global pandemic. Suffering a breach has implications for regulatory compliance, brand reputation, data subject safety, and enterprise success overall. In other words, the end is nigh for many companies and their data.

But organizations don’t have to succumb to this fate if they can ward off the four would-be horsemen of the data loss apocalypse–that is, the four key avenues through which data leakage occurs. By understanding these harbingers of doom, the enterprise can stop cataclysmic breaches that would otherwise spell disaster.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the evolution of business and the IT ecosystem has transformed the security needs of modern organizations
  • The four critical threats to enterprise data security that must be addressed if businesses are to stay safe
  • The data protection capabilities that need to be in place today in order to defend data comprehensively

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