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OnDemand Webinar | Defeat Application Fraud and Improve User Experience

OnDemand Webinar | Defeat Application Fraud and Improve User Experience

As digital transformation accelerates at an unprecedented rate, strategic initiatives such as revenue collection, customer loyalty, and brand awareness are now primarily online. And they’re increasingly being hijacked by hackers, leading to account takeover (ATO), fraud losses, and damaged brands. Any business that operates e-commerce applications or manages user accounts of value is now a target.

Attackers decide where to spend their time and resources in the same way you might evaluate the cost versus value of an important purchase. If a target is dirt cheap to compromise and the value is astronomical, it’s an easy decision. If a target is highly valuable and highly guarded, an attack requires more investment, making the cost of successful compromise higher.

Today’s attackers have access to readily available tools, infrastructure, and compromised data, so it often costs pennies on the dollar to steal high-value data through automation. The more technology advances, the lower the costs fall, even for harder-to-obtain targets. So how do you demotivate attackers from targeting your site? Keep them guessing.

In this webinar we'll be taking you through fraud versus friction:

  • Defeat fraud - how to separate fake users from your real customers
  • Reduce friction and improve customers experience
  • Increase digital engagement and improve conversion rates

Learn how other online players are preventing fraud while removing friction for their users.

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