Information Security for Management - What Your Senior Leaders Need to Know

Information Security for Management - What Your Senior Leaders Need to Know
In most cases, especially in this time of financial crisis, information security should not be the most important issue for a financial institution or government agency -- but if neglected, it will inevitably become a critical factor in the organization's continuing viability.

This "Information Security for Management" webinar focuses on helping managers understand the importance and impact of information security on their organization and their role in setting the direction for good security practices. In particular, the presentation provides guidance on:

  • Instituting an efficient information security governance structure;
  • Ensuring all employees are aware of their responsibilities;
  • Anticipating and mitigating risks from third-party service providers;
  • Assessing the organization's risks - including the insider threat;
  • Setting up an effective metric reporting process and preparing for security incidents.


Information Security is one of several business risks that management must address as part of its day-to-day responsibilities.

The simplest and most efficient solution to avoiding a major incident is incorporating information security into the day-to-day operations of the institution and making it part of the culture. The success of this approach is directly dependent on management's commitment to set the "tone from the top" and provide effective leadership for the program.

When it comes to information security, what you don't know can hurt you and your organization. Senior leaders must understand what's at risk, how information is protected and what their institutions or agencies are doing to maintain regulatory compliance.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How to engage senior leaders about security and their role in enforcing it;
  • How to create an information security governance structure;
  • How to set up effective metrics to prepare for an information security incident.

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