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How To Launch a Secure & Successful Mobile Banking Platform

How To Launch a Secure & Successful Mobile Banking Platform
If you're not at least investigating mobile banking now, you can bet your competitor is.

Worldwide, there are 3.3 billion mobile devices -- vs. 950 million PCs - and four people are born every second, while 32 mobile phones are sold.

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Mobile banking is the immediate future of financial institutions of all sizes and geographies. Even in this down economy, 41% of respondents to a recent banking survey said they intend to invest in new/enhanced services such as mobile banking in 2009. By 2012, says another study, 40 million US consumers will be mobile banking users.

Register this webinar to hear first-hand how and why New York-based M&T Bank launched its mobile banking pilot program, including:

  • Why institutions of all sizes are getting into mobile banking;
  • How to use mobile banking to your competitive advantage;
  • The pros and cons of popular mobile solutions in the marketplace;
  • Whether to build your program with internal or outsourced resources;
  • How to measure your pilot program's success;
  • How to prepare for future regulations/examinations for mobile banking.


Increasingly, banking institutions are developing new mobile banking initiatives, enabling customers to perform activities such as performing balance checks, account transactions, payments etc. via a cell phone or PDA.

For M&T Bank, a $65 billion institution based in Buffalo, N.Y., late 2008 was absolutely the wrong time to get into mobile banking:

  • The economy was crazy;
  • Joblessness was high;
  • Spending was down; budgets tight.

And yet, for many reasons, it also was the perfect time to launch this new initiative:

  • Tech-savvy customers are demanding the service;
  • Institutions nationwide are rolling out their own mobile products;
  • M&T could gain a competitive edge if it launched mobile banking - and stand to lose that edge if it didn't.

Ultimately, M&T took the plunge and is rolling out its mobile banking pilot project this December. By this time next year, the institution hopes to have 10% of its customer base enrolled in mobile banking.

Register for this webinar to learn first-hand from M&T executive Matthew Speare about how he sold, launched and expects to benefit from this pilot project, including:

  • How he pitched and sold the pilot to skeptical senior leaders;
  • The types of solutions and service-providers he evaluated;
  • Unique risks that needed to be assessed and mitigated;
  • How to derive lessons-learned from other institutions' mistakes;
  • The pros and cons of different approaches to mobile banking.

Over the course of this 90-minute webinar, Speare will detail his own institution's case study, from the drawing board to the beta test, and he also will answer real-time questions from session registrants.

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