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The Devil Inside the Beltway: the FTC vs. LabMD

The Devil Inside the Beltway: the FTC vs. LabMD

You've seen the headlines about the Federal Trade Commission's messy legal battle with LabMD, a cancer screening service that was investigated for two alleged data security incidents in 2008 and 2012. Last November, an FTC administrative law judge ruled to dismiss the FTC's case against LabMD, saying the FTC "failed to prove its case" that these two incidents caused, or were likely to cause, "substantial injury to consumers."

But what you might have missed is that, after more than a five year legal battle, LabMD - overwhelmed by investigation, litigation, and reputation assassination - was forced to close its doors.

In this exclusive session, Michael Daugherty, Founder, President and CEO of LabMD, will discuss what this case means to you and your organization. He'll outline some advice for how you should be looking at your own cybersecurity polices and knowledge of regulatory compliance, as well as some important lessons learned about what to expect when the federal government investigates you. This session will include a brief "self-assessment" exercise so that you can consider some of the areas you may need to focus on and improve in terms of what you can control - and what you can't. In this session you will learn:

  • How infrastructure, employee behavior and training are all areas you can control, and should be on top of;
  • What you need to know now, including the fact that the FTC decides who to investigate - and that it is expensive to disagree;
  • The importance of knowing your regulators and your lawyers and how to feel more empowered.

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