Detecting Abnormal Technology Systems Behavior

Detecting Abnormal Technology Systems Behavior
With hundreds and thousands of automated systems producing log data, an organization's ability to respond to "abnormal" activities in a timely manner is dependent on the quality of its log management program and related processes.

Attend this webinar to hear industry experts discuss real-life scenarios and offer valuable insights:

  • Unlock the secrets of your institution's IBM System i (AS/400) log management capabilities

  • Learn how proper log management can help you comply with GLBA, SOX and PCI

  • Overcome deployment and maintenance challenges of a log management system

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Every financial institution understands the necessity of data log management:

  • Log management is essential to maintain the critical trust of customers who expect their financial and informational assets to be safe in your hands;
  • Log management helps meet regulatory requirements enforced by such rules and standards as GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI-DSS.

If your IBM I is collecting the data, that is a great first step, but now you have to try to make sense out of all of that data. Given the sheer volume of data, it is not reasonable to expect some person (or team of people more likely) is going to pore over the data every day looking for anomalies, red flag them for review, and escalate the issue quickly to mobilize a response.

To tackle this challenge, PowerTech and LogRhythm have teamed up to deploy PowerTech's best of class IBM midrange security solution with LogRhythm's Log and Event Management platform. This solution at once enables institutions to manage their data logs efficiently and effectively, while ensuring customer trust and regulatory compliance.

In this webinar, experts from PowerTech and LogRhythm will walk through a real-life customer scenario, including:

  • Log management challenges;
  • Deploying solutions
  • Threat mitigation and remediation;
  • Improving regulatory compliance.

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