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DDoS 2014: Expert Insights on Building a Better Defense

DDoS 2014: Expert Insights on Building a Better Defense

The weekly DDoS attacks on U.S. banks taught us a few important lessons including expect the unexpected. Attacks are bigger and smarter than ever before. And while the daily deluge might be a thing of the past, the impact remains.

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Join this panel of DDoS experts, including the VP from a major US financial institution, for lively discussion on:

  • The latest and emerging attack trends globally;
  • How to detect and respond to sophisticated DDoS attacks;
  • Elements of expert recommended hybrid solutions and introduction of a fully-managed, best-in-breed hybrid defense against multi-layered attacks.


For the first half of 2013, U.S. banking institutions were under siege by sophisticated, multi-layered denial-of-service attacks that aimed to disrupt the institutions' online presence - or in some cases to serve as a distraction while fraud was committed.

At one point early in 2013, the FBI reported that 46 U.S. banking institutions had been targeted by more than 200 separate DDoS attacks of "various degrees of impact" since the self-proclaimed hacktivist group Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters announced its first phase of attacks in September 2012. "These attacks have utilized high bandwidth webservers with vulnerable content management systems," the FBI said.

The financial industry fought these waves of attacks on two fronts:

  • New solutions developed by the technology vendor community, which also stepped up by sharing intelligence information about the attack trends and vectors;
  • Information sharing by banking competitors on a level never before seen in the industry. Led by FS-ISAC and the American Bankers Association, institutions of all sizes shared threat intelligence that improved the entire sector's collective defense.

But even though the persistent wave of DDoS attacks has ended - for now - the threat remains, and organizations across all sectors must be prepared to defend the next generation of attacks with the next generation of solutions. In this panel webinar, three DDoS experts - including a VP from one of the top U.S. banking institutions - will discuss how to prepare for the next generation of attacks. Among their talking points:

  • Real-time detection of DDoS attacks, and separating anomalous traffic from the typical;
  • Insight into the global threat landscape, as drawn from Arbor Networks' annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report;
  • Details of a new hybrid DDoS solution, which combines Neustar's cloud-based DDoS mitigation network and Arbor Network's Pravail on-premise DDoS equipment to help companies mitigate cyber attacks.

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