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Cyber Security for Community Banks: Managing the Unique Challenges

Cyber Security for Community Banks: Managing the Unique Challenges

Community banks are a frequent target for attacks by cyber criminals determined to gain access to valuable customer information. The traditional approach to stopping these attacks is to create a defense-in-depth strategy consisting of multiple layers of security technologies. But the headlines we see each week provide evidence that this strategy is no longer effective.

Fortunately, Isolation is an innovative new technology that is proving to be an effective for preventing the #1 vector for cyber attacks - which is, malware delivered through the web browser. Gartner recently named Isolation technology as one of the top 10 security technologies for 2014.

This informative webcast will clearly explain why traditional technologies have failed, and how Isolation technology protects credit unions in two important ways:

  • Prevents all browser-borne malware from penetrating your corporate network and infecting endpoint devices;
  • Provides a completely secure on-line experience for your customers, even if their computers are already infected.


At the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference earlier this year, chairman Debbie Matz highlighted the fact that credit unions are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks. The same goes for community banks. Unlike large banks and other financial institutions, these institutions tend to be smaller organizations with IT teams that are challenged to "do more with less."

That mandate includes investments in security technologies, which are intended to protect them from potential cyber attacks. While larger banks have the budget and staff resources to build and manage a multi-layer, defense-in-depth security architecture, smaller financial institutions often do not have that luxury.

Security vendors have not helped their cause. Vendors continue to deliver expensive products based on outdated detection technologies, which fail to identify and block malicious web content that ultimately infects endpoint devices and wreaks havoc on business operations.

But there is, finally, some good news. New security solutions - based on innovative Isolation technology - are now able to prevent all browser-borne malware from entering networks. Just as important, this same technology can be used to prevent all browser malware from infecting on-line transactions between servers and customers, regardless of where they are located.

Sound intriguing? Don't miss this important webinar, and discover how Isolation technology can provide a level of protection against cyber attacks that no other security technology can match.

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