Considering Mobile Authentication: The Why, the What and the How

Considering Mobile Authentication: The Why, the What and the How

It's the single biggest banking innovation of our lives. Mobile banking is quickly becoming the channel of choice for customers, forcing banking institutions to deploy mobile solutions ahead of their strategies. What are the risks? How can institutions deputize customers to ensure mobile banking security? Join banking and security leaders from Citibank and VASCO Data Security for a frank discussion about how to create a mobile banking roadmap, including:

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  • What mobile banking customers really want;
  • The evolution of authentication;
  • The future of mobile banking security.


There is no doubt that the proliferation of the mobile channel redefines how and where banking is done. Customers continuously demand new features and services. Regulators now acknowledge the inherent risks of the mobile payments and transactions, suggesting improved security measures. It is obvious that the market is driving FIs to adapt their service offerings, security measures and customer education programs to the new mobile environment.

But there is good news, too. For decades banks have strived to offer more convenient services to their customers while trying to balance security, cost and ease of use. The continuous growth of the mobile channel presents a perfect opportunity to achieve these goals.

This webinar will access the role of mobile technology and mobile security, as well as mobile authentication within commercial banking applications.

Banking and security experts from Citibank and VASCO Data Security will focus on the past, the present and the future of the mobile banking in North America. They will talk about customer demands, use cases, security considerations, user authentication and transaction verification on a mobile platform. A Citibank executive will present a mini case study of the bank's authentication security choices and future security considerations.

The panel will also discuss how the growing popularity of the mobile devices allows FIs to offer security as an advantage to their customers. In the end, the panel will offer a walk-through of some key security decision points for FIs moving into the mobile banking channel.

The panelists will discuss topics including:

  • The evolution of authentication
    • From user authentication to transaction authentication
    • From Internet banking to Mobile banking
  • Security vs user convenience: the role of the mobile channel
  • The "Why" of Mobile Authentication
    • CitiBusiness Online: past, present and future
  • The "What" of Mobile Authentication
    • Options beyond simply "Phone as a Token"
  • The "How" of Mobile Authentication
    • What is facing us getting from Here to There

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