Business Continuity Management / Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Risk Assessment & Resource Allocation

Business Continuity Risk Assessment & Resource Allocation
Nearly every organization is required to have a Business Continuity Plan. Yet, planners often overlook issues related to resource allocation -- the "people, places and things" necessary for business continuity. Register for this webinar for case studies and insight on how to:
  • Identify and describe the components that are most likely to be affected during a disaster;
  • Conduct a risk assessment that emphasizes effective resource allocation strategies;
  • Assess the impact of this risk assessment upon the organization and its resources;
  • Design or recommend appropriate changes to the organization's existing resource allocation process.


Having an institution-wide Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) Plan is a regulatory requirement for financial institutions and a must-have for government agencies. Your organization's BCP creates the foundation for your prevention and recovery efforts for both "traditional" and "non-traditional" disasters, including a pandemic. What organizations often overlook are the issues relating to resource allocation -- the necessary "people, places and things" that are identified during the risk assessment process. The organization must maintain realistic and practical solutions to resolving the critical resource allocation issues that are likely to impact it, including:

  • People: Employees, insiders, affiliated parties (and their families), customers, vendors and third-party service providers
  • Places: Facilities that the organization owns, manages, maintains, leases or controls
  • Things: Assets, equipment, supplies, records and documents

Register for this session to learn disaster prevention and business recovery strategies, planning techniques and action tactics that you can use to create or modify your organization-wide Business Continuity Plan. You will also learn how to identify the real sources of loss exposure during a disaster; the obvious and not-so-obvious methods for using your resources effectively -- before and during any type of disaster; and the most successful methods for reinstalling all of your organization's components in the shortest amount of time.

Among the topics to be discussed:

  • How Does A Disaster Plan Differ From A Pandemic Plan?
  • What Resource Allocation Issues Should The Business Continuity Plan Address?
  • Your Institution's Business Continuity Scenario Test
  • Business Continuity Planning & Implementation Guidelines
  • Hypothetical Disasters: Could These Happen To You?

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