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Breaking Down Ease-of-Use Barriers to Log Data Analysis for Security

Breaking Down Ease-of-Use Barriers to Log Data Analysis for Security

The security benefits of log and machine data analysis are widely accepted by CISOs and CIOs, and yet too many organizations have difficulty executing on this opportunity due to bottlenecks imposed by archaic systems and processes that manage this data. Without the right tools to give easy visibility into the data, and to allow for rapid data analysis, it becomes impractical for the enterprise to leverage the security benefits locked away in data that cannot be meaningfully processed.

This webinar will show you how to:

  • Capture institutional knowledge in re-usable ways;
  • Collaborate and share best practices;
  • Capitalize on the value of machine data.


While businesses are finding more and more value in machine data, extracting that value is hampered by the high-level of knowledge required to operate on that data. The so-called ninjas with these skills are rare, expensive, and a resource bottleneck. The problem is being exacerbated as the volumes of machine data grow (nearly doubling every year) while IT budgets and staffing stay relatively level.

In order to achieve more with the same level of resources, IT organizations are going to have to change, finding ways to give not just their IT staff but also their business users the ability to analyze machine data. In this webinar Jean-Francois Roy, CTO for TIBCO LogLogic, will discuss how LogLogic customers can achieve this "de-ninja-fication" and empower lower-level IT staff and business power users to search, explore, and correlate machine data.

As a pioneer in the field of log data management, Mr. Roy has helped design and develop many of the patented features in LogLogic. Building on its highly-acclaimed platform, LogLogic is once again bringing its visionary force to bear with powerful new capabilities that enable businesses to place the emphasis on analyzing machine data and extracting value, without requiring an army of expensive uber-geeks.

This webinar will:

  • Explain the expanding role of machine data beyond security and into operational analytics;
  • Discuss the intricacies of managing and manipulating machine data;
  • Show new ways to interpret and understand what machine data is telling you.

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