The Faces of Fraud: How to Counter 2011's Biggest Threats

The Faces of Fraud: How to Counter 2011's Biggest Threats
Payment card breaches, check fraud and phishing/vishing - these are the most common forms of fraud striking banking institutions today. Yet, what form of fraud do institutions feel most prepared to prevent? Money laundering.

This is just one of the sobering results from the new Faces of Fraud: Fighting Back study conducted by Join a distinguished panel of fraud experts for an exclusive first look at the eye-opening survey results and how institutions can act upon them, including:

  • How to ensure you're prepared to defend against the most common fraud threats;
  • Bridging the institutional silos that stand in the way of fighting fraud;
  • How to improve employee and customer awareness, ensuring that fraud prevention is a shared responsibility.


Payment cards, bogus checks, phishing and vishing scams - we know what today's top fraud threats are to financial institutions. But how are these organizations fighting back? What are the most successful strategies for detecting and deterring threats, as well as educating customers and obtaining resources? These questions - and answers -- are the basis of this webinar exploring the results of the new survey, The Faces of Fraud: Fighting Back.

Administered electronically by Information Security Media Group (ISMG), publisher of and, this survey was crafted with guidance from industry thought-leaders, with a mission to:

  • Gauge the scope of the multi-faceted fraud threat to U.S. banking institutions;
  • Measure the industry's preparedness for evolving threats;
  • Identify specific strategies and solutions employed by banking/security leaders to fight fraud;
  • Predict the emerging technologies and strategies where institutions are investing their resources.

From bogus ACH transactions to ATM skimming and to identity theft via payment cards and deposit accounts, the forms of fraud haven't changed in recent years. But the scale and coordination of these attacks has evolved, and banking institutions today find themselves facing not just individual fraudsters, but sophisticated criminal rings that are constantly probing for new ways to hack into consumer and commercial accounts via all available channels.

News headlines have been dominated by ATM skimming sprees, the ACH epidemic and the aftermath of the Heartland Payment Systems breach - the largest financial hack ever reported. But behind the scenes, institutions are just as concerned with check, first-party and mortgage fraud, malware proliferation, as well as emerging threats in mobile banking and social media. Beyond the actual threats, institutions are similarly challenged by a lack of resources to fight fraud, as well as a dearth of guidance from regulators and associations re: common threats, successful strategies and emerging solutions.

The discussion of the Faces of Fraud survey will review this complex threat landscape, analyzing:

  • Which are the most common forms of fraud being experienced today?
  • Where do institutions feel most - and least - prepared to fight fraud?
  • What are the technology solutions that organizations need now to help detect and prevent fraud?

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