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Real-Time Activity Insights Data To Augment Decisioning

Risk signals can alert your risk & fraud teams about potential user security issues. Trust signals can show your team which users are trustworthy, so their journey can proceed more smoothly. The key to both? Real-time user activity insights.

Most B2C-facing businesses lack sufficient data to make split-second decisions on the riskiness or trustworthiness of every identity. Deduce CEO Ari Jacoby shares his perspective on the power of the network effect to help companies protect their customers, improve their experience, and create a safer online environment across the entire network.

Watch now to learn how real-time Behavioral Intelligence at Scale delivers stronger security and better CX.

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We Deliver Behavioral Intelligence at Scale.

Our team wanted businesses to have the insights they need to protect themselves and their users from identity fraud and reduce online friction.

That’s why we’ve built the largest independent risk-and-trust identity graph, spanning more than 150,000 sites and apps to analyze more than 1.4 B daily events by more than 500 million privacy compliant identity profiles.

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