SmartMetric Card With Embedded Fingerprint Scanner Is Foolproof Internet Payment/Transaction Solution

SmartMetric Card With Embedded Fingerprint Scanner Is Foolproof Internet Payment/Transaction Solution Credit Card-Sized Product is Versatile, Practical; Touching Surface Validates Cardholder, Eliminating Need to Transmit Credit/Debit Account Numbers

NEW YORK, NY –With ID theft, keystroke logging software, “shoulder surfing” and other forms of personal security breaches more common than ever, SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCBB: SMME), has the solution: the world’s first practical, affordable and fool-proof smart payment card with onboard fingerprint scanner.

Powerful, yet powerfully simple, the card eliminates the need for manual data entry in all kinds of Web-based financial transactions. Yet its security cannot be circumvented by any conventional means. The user simply slides the card through a USB card reader, then touches a fingerprint scanner embedded into the card’s surface. The card automatically matches the impression with the digital fingerprint signature stored on the card. Once the identity of the user is established, payment is authorized.

“With this technology, any kind of online transaction—product purchases, funds transfers, bill payment authorizations and more—can be handled with total security,” said Colin Hendrick, president and CEO of SmartMetric, Inc. “Credit card or debit card numbers needn’t ever be revealed online again. We believe our technology to be the ultimate solution for safe, assured financial authorizations.”

In recent months, Wall Street-based SmartMetric has gained attention for its technology from financial institutions, corporations, even the federal government. The company’s breakthrough wallet-sized device is similar in size and thickness to a conventional credit card; on the card, however, is a microchip/sensor unit capable of reading any fingerprint, even ones that are dirty or calloused. By touching the card’s sensor, a digital signature of the fingerprint is permanently stored on the card. Each time the card is to be used, the person activates the card by touching the sensor. Readings are 99.999% accurate.

ATM Options

The SmartMetric card not only eliminates the need to enter PINs, account numbers or other personal information, but also it creates new options for banks and savings and loans. “The SmartMetric card can turn PCs into ATMs,” he states. “With authorization virtually assured, funds can safely be transferred over the Internet onto debit cards—in effect an ‘electronic purse.’ This kind of use has been proven for years in Europe, where ‘chip cards’ are a common way of carrying electronic money.”

Versatile, Cost-Effective

SmartMetric cards are well-suited for mass deployment. The fingerprint technology is cost effective, with economies of scale in production making the card even more affordable.

Additional uses of the SmartMetric card include building security, military IDs, passports, credit/debit cards and ID checkpoints. Working prototypes of the technology is now available. For more about SmartMetric and its embedded fingerprint biometric microsensor technology, visit

About SmartMetric, Inc.:
SmartMetric (OTCBB: SMME) was formed to develop, manufacture and commercialize its own advanced embedded fingerprint biometric microsensor technology. With offices in New York, Nevada and Florida, the company is aggressively moving to market with technology that will provide a long-awaited secure solution for both the government and private sectors. Log on to for more information.

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