Keypasco ID Solution will be launched at the RSA Conference

Keypasco ID Solution will be launched at the RSA Conference

Most people know or have read an article about someone who has gone through the painful experience of Internet crimes, such as identity theft or man-in-the-middle attacks. Hackers today are constantly stealing identities, credit card information, social security numbers (SSN) and other sensitive information about Internet users. Only one month and a few days into 2012, we already have had two larger attacks towards a Brazilian bank and an Israeli Medical Centre, and surely more attacks are to come.

"Our new technology and ID solution will change the way to protect your online identity; you have control over your online security on your fingertips," says Keypasco's Founder and CEO Maw-Tsong Lin. The Keypasco ID Solution will be launched at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, February 2012.

The Internet today is an unsafe place. According to experts, the only way to protect ourselves is to use long passwords, unique for each account, and change them frequently. This way we can at least know that even if one of our accounts is hacked, the others will still be safe. The optimal password is one that not even the user can remember. For the level of security, passwords are just too much work . Still, this is the most commonly used solution. Even Bill Gates believes that the password is dead, reflected in his statement at the RSA Security Conference: "There is no doubt that over time, people are going to rely less and less on passwords. People use the same password on different systems, they write them down and they just don't meet the challenge for anything you really want to secure."

To solve this problem, there are solutions available: One-Time Password Tokens. You combine a code with your password and username that only you can have access to. But this option and its method of delivery are very expensive and difficult to apply to more than one service or product. This leaves many with only the unique password option, and we all know we don't change our passwords regularly to be long, complex, and unique, since that would be very impractical.

So should we stop using our sensitive information online? No! There is another option: An innovative new technology currently being patent-screened from a Swedish company called Keypasco. The solution is based on a completely new way of identifying users by taking fingerprints of our smartphones, PCs or Mac laptops. The solution draws conclusions about who is trying to log in by checking several factors against a risk intelligence analysis, including the time and geographical location of the attempted login.

"If you always log in from your hometown and on your private computer, smartphone, or iPad, the Risk Intelligence feature will stop a random login attempt from the other side of the world on a different computer. If it is you, we can help you access your account, but you will be notified that someone may have tried to access the account," says Per Skygebjerg, COO at Keypasco. With this solution, your online identity is safe and secure.

Even if a hacker steals your username and password information, he can't use the information to access the account and get a hold of your credit card information or SSN. The Keypasco ID Solution is a safe and easy way to log in to a favourite web page (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Wordpress, Flickr, VeriSign, and many more) while only having to remember one username and password.

Keypasco was founded in 2010 to provide online users and Internet content providers a safe way to log in and keep their online identity safe through a range of ways to identify a user: password, device, location, and Risk Intelligence feature.

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