ISMG to Offer Exclusive New Webinar on Background Checks

ISMG to Offer Exclusive New Webinar on Background Checks Princeton, NJ - June 13, 2008 - - Information Security Media Group, publisher of and, hosts the author of "The Safe Hiring Manual--Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Imposters and Terrorists Out of Your Workplace" in a special web appearance. In this event, Lester S. Rosen examines the "Parade of Horrible" facing employers that hire without conducting proper screening during the hiring process.

The webinar, entitled Avoid Negligent Hiring -- Best Practices and Legal Compliance in Background Checks, debuts Aug. 25.

Hiring the right employees is no small feat. In fact, during the hiring process, financial institutions have an obligation to properly vet potential employment candidates against their potential history of bad acts. Indeed, banks and credit unions regulated by the federal agencies have a responsibility to screen out individuals with spotty criminal records. After all, hiring someone with false credentials or an unsuitable criminal record can lead to a world of hurt - from theft, fraud, and workplace violence to the negative publicity that naturally stems from such incidents. What's more, lawsuits for negligent hiring are one of the fastest growing areas of employment litigation.

Many financial institutions already exercise due care in hiring, for example, by carefully reviewing and auditing their hiring program, implementing stringent application, interview and past employment checking practices, and performing criminal record checks. These steps, among other safeguards, help employers to reduce their risk when hiring.

This informative webinar is ideal for those financial institutions that are looking to incorporate such discipline into their hiring procedures. Lester S. Rosen, an attorney and president of a national background screening company, presents tried-and-true best practices for hiring, whether that is consulting criminal records or doing a thorough background check during the vetting process.

"Today, hiring on gut instinct isn't an acceptable practice; there's simply too much at stake," says Mike D'Agostino, Marketing Manager at Information Security Media Group. "When it comes to hiring best practices, Lester Rosen is definitely the go-to guy as he has qualified and testified in the California and Arkansas Superior Courts as an expert witness on issues surrounding safe hiring and due diligence."

In this session, Rosen uses lessons learned from real-world case studies to demonstrate what steps employers should take to ensure good hires and how mistakes can be avoided. In the end, he leaves listeners with a key take-away: ten actionable, no-cost steps that they can immediately take to steer clear of bad hires - and all the angst that comes with them.

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