Information Security Media Group Interviews 94 Technology and Security Vendors at the RSA® Conference 2009

Information Security Media Group Interviews 94 Technology and Security Vendors at the RSA® Conference 2009 Princeton, NJ - May 1, 2009 - Information Security Media Group (ISMG) - ISMG announces it has completed close to 100 interviews with security and technology vendors as part of its media partnership with the RSA® Conference 2009.

Interviews were arranged ahead of the conference and were performed by ISMG's Editorial Director, Sales Director and Marketing Manager directly on the expo hall floor or in arranged suites. Over 300 vendors presented at the expo, and among those that were interviewed:

  • Lina Liberti, Vice President of Product Marketing with CA, discussed information security trends, internal/insider threats, and the burden of regulatory compliance.

  • Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Vice President & Director of Threat Intelligence for the Americas, McAfee, discussed the need for more intelligence tracking, cloud-to-endpoint security, and the need for all devices and software on your network need to communicate with each other.

  • Marc van Zadelhoff, Director of Marketing IBM ISS and Joe Anthony, Program Director of Identity and Access Management at Tivoli Software, discussed how companies going through change right now can ensure minimal technological efficiencies while ensuring constant security.

  • Chis Whitener, Chief Security Strategist with HP, discussed the biggest threats security personnel today, outsourcing and third-party management, and managing risk profiles.

  • Gene Budsock, Director of Product Marketing Security at AT&T, discussed the unchanging trends of security threats, botnets, and the need for enhanced network and traffic monitoring.

  • Erica Won, Product Manager Identity & Authentication Services and Jeff Burstein, Product Manager Authentication Services of VeriSign discussed the security issues of cloud-based services, token distribution and accountability, and two-factor authentication adoption.

"Every single vendor we interviewed had something to offer in terms of insight and advice," commented Mike D'Agostino, ISMG's Marketing Manager. "I could easily tell the vendor representatives I spoke with were passionate about the companies they represented as well as the importance of information security and risk management in general."

The vendors had no knowledge of what was going to be asked, just that a pre-determined time to meet had been set up. The same basic questions were asked to each vendor:
- What does your company do?
- How do you do it? How does the product/service work?
- Why do prospects approach your company, what are their greatest security concerns?
- How has the economy impacted the way existing customers or prospects approach your company?
- Can you offer a bit of advice or "words of wisdom" for our users?

To listen to all of the vendor interviews, please visit:

About ISMG: Based in Princeton, N.J., Information Security Media Group publishes,, and, which are your one-stop portals for the latest news, insights and education on the top information security issues facing U.S. financial institutions and government agencies today. Through articles, webinars, podcasts, blogs and news alerts from federal regulatory agencies such as the FDIC, NCUA, NIST, OCC, FRB and OTS, our team is committed to providing up-to-date information on the security regulations, threats, solutions, training and career trends that most impact banks, credit unions, government agencies and other related enterprises. Leading companies supporting and benefiting from these initiatives include CA, Fortify, RSA Security, Secure Computing, Symantec and VeriSign.

About RSA® Conference: RSA® Conference helps drive the global information security agenda with annual events in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Throughout its 18-year history, RSA Conference consistently attracts the world's best and brightest in the field, creating opportunities to learn about information security's most important issues through face-to-face and online interactions with peers, luminaries and emerging and established companies.

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