Remotium Introduces Industry's Only Free Onramp To Secure Enterprise Mobility

Remotium Introduces Industry's Only Free Onramp To Secure Enterprise Mobility

Remotium, the leader in virtual mobility, today launched Remotium Virtual Mobile Platform (VMP) ConneXion, a game-changing new initiative that eradicates existing cost and management barriers to secure, ubiquitous enterprise mobility. Remotium VMP ConneXion enables qualified North American organizations to deploy Remotium VMP for up to ten users at no cost. Under the Remotium VMP ConneXion program, organizations can leverage the security, manageability, privacy and control features of the full Remotium VMP platform to achieve world-class enterprise mobility, regardless of size or budget.

Remotium VMP, winner of the 2013 RSA Innovation Sandbox award, eliminates the management headaches and security risks associated with physical mobile devices by replacing them with corporate virtual mobile devices that deliver the same usability and functionality. Unlike their physical counterparts, virtual mobile devices and the apps they run are housed and controlled from corporate servers. With Remotium VMP, enterprises can significantly increase employee productivity, enable new business workflows, and vastly improve the management of the entire mobile workforce.

Remotium VMP fundamentally changes the way companies deploy and manage mobility, significantly enhancing the benefits for the corporation and the employee. Combining state-of-the-art virtualization and advanced streaming technologies, Remotium VMP provides an intuitive, familiar mobile experience while maintaining user privacy and corporate compliance. And, virtual mobile devices eliminate worries about malware infections, lost or stolen devices, and rogue employee app installations. Global enterprises use Remotium VMP to manage mobility in diverse business scenarios including order processing, securing access to cloud storage, accessing and updating patient records, and document management.

"Remotium VMP ConneXion is a huge step in the evolution and adoption of enterprise mobility, leapfrogging rigid mobile device management solutions and legacy virtual desktop infrastructure systems," said Sinan Eren, co-founder and chief product officer, Remotium. "We are opening the door to smaller organizations, which can now affordably reduce their exposure to mobile app risks, and enabling larger organizations to experience the significant benefits virtual mobility can bring the entire organization."

Remotium VMP ConneXion Removes the Barriers to Secure Enterprise Mobility
Remotium VMP ConneXion is an easy way to roll out enterprise mobility with no risk, and is simple to extend as business needs grow. With a full-featured Remotium VMP license, this program provides access to the key features that have made Remotium VMP the choice of global enterprises:

    --  Outstanding management capabilities: Easy deployment, broad user
        directory support, granular visibility and control over users, groups,
        and applications, simplified administration.
    --  Superior security: All data stays within the corporate data center.
        Sessions on the user device are non-persistent, and advanced features
        such as geo-fencing give IT control over where corporate tools and data
        are used.
    --  Unrivaled user privacy: Complete separation of user and corporate data
        eliminates the need to wipe phones after theft or employee status
        changes. Employees' contacts, apps and activities stay private,
        encouraging adoption.
    --  Seamless user experience: Remotium VMP delivers a native mobile
        experience built on patent-pending above-OS virtualization and advanced
        streaming technologies. With the Remotium VMP client, users go from zero
        to mobile in less than three minutes.

About Remotium
Remotium is the leader in mobile virtualization technology, enabling secure, cost-effective and manageable access to enterprise applications from any mobile device. Remotium VMP (Virtual Mobile Platform), built on patent-pending virtualization and advanced streaming technologies, creates a new standard for enterprise mobility. With Remotium VMP, corporate IT has the granular visibility and superior security needed to ensure data integrity and corporate compliance, while preserving simplicity and privacy for users. For more information about Remotium, visit

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