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Multi-factor Authentication Company Keypasco to Focus on Mobility at RSA 2015

Multi-factor Authentication Company Keypasco to Focus on Mobility at RSA 2015

The security limitations within mobility and the users wish for usability has pushed service providers to explore secure mobility options for their services. The estimated revenue of mobile services in 2015 are $600 billion and this makes the mobile platform a hacker’s first choice for victims. Mobility is a revolution in flexibility, and the only way to secure mobility is to sculpt security in the same mould.

Therefore our focus should be to make those hacker´s scratch their heads in frustration, and we are focusing on mobility to provide just that. To protect the mobile platform we have 6 layers of security:

  • Server Injected – To enhance the identification of the device and Vakten instance
  • Application Specific – To verify non-duplication of device or sessions
  • Application Binary – To identify the authenticity of the Vakten software
  • Execution Environment – To look at the process executing the Vakten application
  • Operating System – To determine if the device is jail broken/rooted
  • Hardware – To determine if the hardware running Vakten is correct

Keypasco has attended the RSA conference every year since the company first launched the services and we have grown tremendously and achieved great milestones during these few years. Examples of these great triumphs are our achievements up until today:

  • Today we have a global network; we are headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, have a second office in China, partners in Taiwan, Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey and Vietnam, and are a global member of Concert International. We aim to continue to grow globally.
  • Our patent has so far been approved in Taiwan, Korea and Japan, and more patents are pending. We continuously work to develop our security technology.
  • The Keypasco solution has been developed to fit the market needs, and the product base has grown to offer secure multi-factor authentication and secure tasks to Internet content providers who have a large quantity of users and a need to secure them against threats like identity theft, phishing attacks, man-in-the-middle and/or man-in-the-browser attacks, etc. The solution enables providers to keep the investment and on-going costs to a minimum while employing a solution that rapidly adjusts to new emerging threats.
  • We offer a linear scalability, and we can guarantee a high availability (99.999%) since all cluster components are redundant. Our standard deployment supports up to 100M users and 30 000 security operations per second, but in theory there is no upper limit.
  • Frost & Sullivan awarded us with the 2014 European New Product Innovation Leadership Award for being a game changer.

“There needs to be a solution that provides various other authentication factors that are less invasive, such as: risk-based authentication, device authentication, out-of-band (OOB) verifications, and proximity factors. Thankfully there is a European company who has discovered the key to addressing this daunting challenge. Keypasco has the ability to disrupt the secure authentication market, and support the growing need for secure mobility.”

Don’t forget to stop by our booth (#2427) at the RSA Conference in San Francisco April 20th to 24th.Get free security advice, learn about the latest security solutions, and see a live demo of our solution.

About Keypasco

We are at the heart of our rapidly changing digital culture. As with all paradigm shifts, there will be new challenges. Some of the largest challenges with cloud services are security and integrity, crucial factors for success and sustainability. With more than 20 years of individual experience in IT security, Keypasco’s founders are the minds behind some of the revolutionary two factor authentication technology solutions used today. We deliver on society’s expanding needs for personal authentication services, identity protection, and secure tasks. Keypasco’s vision is to be a leading vendor of online secure authentication. For more information, visit, email or contact us at +46-31-102360.

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