Free Webinar at Mitigate Voice Network Vulnerabilities

Free Webinar at Mitigate Voice Network Vulnerabilities Would you know that your voice network was under attack? What is the cost to your institution when your most valued customers cannot reach you for phone banking? Banking information security professionals can learn how to protect their voice networks with a free webinar at

Princeton, NJ ( May 14, 2007 -- The free webinar is Wednesday, May 23, “Mitigate Voice Network Vulnerabilities at Your Institution,” is sponsored by CheckPhone. The webinar will outline voice network vulnerabilities and show them with real-life examples of how voice related attacks occur. Attendees will gain lessons learned from previous voice breaches to improve voice protection; business impact including compliance implications of voice network attacks; and best practices in voice protection for the financial services sector.

Voice networks whether they are traditional (over phone lines) or VoIP (voice over the internet) are not naturally secure. From a security perspective, voice network attacks are the same as data network attacks, but they’re not heard about as frequently as data network attacks. The dependence of financial institutions on their phone systems is undeniable. If your customers can’t get through to you by phone, even for a short period of time, it impacts their confidence and level of trust in your institution. Even though the focus of many financial institutions has shifted to online banking, the use of phones to conduct business with a financial institution is still expected by customers on a 24/7 availability status.

Although financial institutions see VoIP as a cost-effective alternative to conventional phone networks, they recognize that VoIP introduces fundamental changes to network architectures and creates new endpoints for attack as well as new compliance questions from your regulators. What is not readily recognized is that traditional phone systems suffer similar attack points and, therefore, are also potential targets for compliance regulators.

If you think your customers and brand are protected from voice attacks because you have a proactive approach to information security, you may be surprised. While data threats continue to be an ever-present problem, voice threats while not as heavily publicized, continue to evolve and pose real threats to institutions.

Voice threats go beyond toll fraud, and also include denial of service attacks, spit (spam over internet telephony), eavesdropping and vishing (voice phishing). The webinar will cover best practices from NIST on securing voice networks, as well as other regulatory guidance on VoIP security.

What is the cost to your institution when your most valued customers can not reach you or their call is dropped? Voice attacks can result in brand reputation loss, increased communications charges, productivity loss, and customer and corporate information breaches that impact a financial institution’s compliance to key guidance from its regulators, as well as laws such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and Sarbanes Oxley.

Would you even know that your voice network was under attack? Voice traffic has unique characteristics that require a different solution to adequately protect an institution. Most data solutions have a store and forward approach to security which don’t work in voice. Learn what steps to take to effectively secure your voice network. Be sure to register for this event in order to stay abreast of the voice threats, and how to take action in mitigating this ever-developing threat to financial institutions.

To register for this free webinar, click to:

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