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OnDemand | How Zero Trust Accelerates Incident Response

In today's evolving threats, a swift incident response is paramount. Enter the realm of Zero Trust, a security framework designed to swiftly identify and contain incidents. Embracing the principle that no user or device is inherently trustworthy, Zero Trust fortifies your defenses, even against attackers with compromised accounts or devices. Notably, it curbs incident impact by curating users' resource access.

Dive into the world of Zero Trust's efficacy through an illuminating on-demand webinar. Join us to explore:

  • Insights from Cisco Secure Chief Technology Officer (CTO) TK Keanini, unraveling Zero Trust's impact on security resilience.
  • A dialogue with Brad Garnett, Director of Talos Incident Response, on Zero Trust's potential in expediting incident response.
  • Real-world instances showcasing Zero Trust in action.
  • A comprehensive exploration of how Zero Trust constructs security resilience, extending beyond remote user access.

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