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Your Supply Chain Is Your New Attack Surface

Wing Security CEO Galit Lubetzky Sharon on Using SSPM to Secure SaaS Apps
Your Supply Chain Is Your New Attack Surface
Galit Lubetzky Sharon, co-founder and CEO, Wing Security

Organizations and their employees are using hundreds of SaaS applications every day, and these applications are decentralized and mostly ungoverned. They are rife with shadow IT, and they are increasing the attack surface enormously.

Your supply chain is your new attack surface, according to Galit Lubetzky Sharon, the co-founder and CEO of Wing Security. Wing provides a solution - Secure SaaS Posture Management, or SSPM, that helps organizations ensure that all of their SaaS apps are safe and compliant.

In this episode of CyberEd.io's podcast series "Cybersecurity Insights," Lubetzky Sharon discussed:

  • How SSPM provides an essential security layer by discovering a company's applications, prioritizing them and providing controls for access and permissions by allowing an organization to "define and customize an automatic workflow";
  • The difference between SSPM, which is application-centric, and DSPM, or data security posture management, which is cloud-centric;
  • How organizations can use SSPM to automatically shut down an application that is not safe because "modern organizations can't afford to invest time in solutions that are not automated."

Lubetzky Sharon, a retired colonel from Unit 8200, has vast hands-on experience in designing, developing and deploying some of the Israel Defense Forces' most vital defensive and offensive cyber platforms as well as in leading large development teams. Lubetzky Sharon helped develop the IDF's first cyber capabilities and continued to improve and enhance them throughout her military career. She is the recipient of the Israel Defense Award.

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