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Stress-Busting Through Vulnerability Risk Management

Humphrey Christian of Bay Dynamics on How to Respond to Alerts Efficiently and Effectively
Stress-Busting Through Vulnerability Risk Management
Humphrey Christian, Bay Dynamics

The WannaCry ransomware outbreak showcases the problem: Security pros are overwhelmed by vulnerabilities that could be simple to mitigate, if only they had the right info at the right time. Humphrey Christian of Bay Dynamics discusses how to improve vulnerability risk management.

The topic arises not just because of the WannaCry incident, but because of a new report commissioned by Bay Dynamics, entitled A Day in the Life of a Security Pro. Among other findings, the report says that 64 percent of threat alerts are not addressed each day, and 52 percent of these alerts are improperly prioritized by systems and must be manually reprioritized.

Christian, VP of product management at Bay Dynamics, says it is not the sheer quantity of alerts that overwhelms security pros. "It's actually more trying to dig themselves through the mountain of alerts and vulnerabilities to get the right ones they need to tackle first," he says. "The report shows that many of these security pros just don't trust their tools ...[and] that forces them to do a lot of manual work."

In an interview about improving vulnerability management, Christian discusses:

  • The factors that cause the most stress for security pros;
  • Why threat alerts and vulnerabilities are so overwhelming;
  • How Bay Dynamics is helping enterprises and agencies improve vulnerability management.

Christian has over 16 years of experience designing and implementing data analytics solutions. Since joining Bay Dynamics in 2002, he has directed the product strategy, architecture, and implementation of the widely adopted IT Analytics and Risk Fabric products. He began his career in IT as a member of the Accenture consulting team. He holds a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

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