Regulatory Reform: Dodd's Bill Analyzed

Insights from Former Regulator Christie Sciacca

Sen. Christopher Dodd has just released his draft version of a banking regulatory reform bill. How does it differ from other proposals that came before it, and how will banking regulation be reshaped - and when?

Christie Sciacca, formerly with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, now a director with LECG in Washington, D.C., discusses:

Initial analysis of the Dodd bill;
How regulatory reform is shaping up;
What to expect in 2010.

Sciacca spent 23 years at the FDIC, where he led examination, supervisory and bank rescue transaction projects in Detroit, New York, and Washington DC. From 1983-1986, Sciacca was Assistant to the Chairman, representing the Chairman on interagency matters, at bank trade association meetings and on all operational and policy matters. Sciacca served as the FDIC's representative on the Vice President's Task Group on the Regulation of Financial Services. In 1996, he returned to the FDIC to establish that agency's International Branch and from 1997-2002 served as the head of all supervisory policy, including domestic and international bank supervision, capital markets and accounting policy.

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