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Absolute Data & Device Security

Stephen Treglia on a New Approach to Enterprise Security
Absolute Data & Device Security
Stephen Treglia, Absolute

When is a breach not a breach? When you can prove that sensitive data has not been accessed - even off a lost or stolen device. And the way to ensure that, says former prosecutor Stephen Treglia, is through Absolute Data & Device Security.

This is not just a strategy, but also the name of a new solution from Absolute. The intent of Absolute Data & Device Security is to maintain a persistent two-way connection to all endpoint devices, so if one is lost or stolen, data can be frozen or even wiped - even if the device is not reconnected to the Internet.

"Once [the device] is off the grid, there are a lot of services we can provide," says Treglia, HIPAA compliance expert and legal counsel to Absolute. "We have been tracking down devices for over a decade, and to date have returned 38,000 stolen devices to their owners."

Absolute Data & Device Security was launched in the healthcare and education fields, but is now being deployed across all sectors, Treglia says. The biggest lesson he brings to these new sectors: "You can't plan soon enough," Treglia says. "If you wait until the breach - you're done. Because you can't catch up with everything you need to lay in terms of a foundation. You need to know where your vulnerabilities are. Not just your technical vulnerabilities, but your legal ones."

In an interview about data and device security, Treglia discusses:

  • Current shortcomings in endpoint security;
  • Effective strategies for addressing these gaps;
  • Absolute's new product release for the enterprise.

Since November of 2010, Stephen has been Legal Counsel to the Investigations staff at Absolute, the leading creator and distributor of remote tracking and data management software for mobile digital devices.

At the start of 2013, Stephen became the HIPAA Compliance Officer for Investigations. In March of 2015, he received his certification from (ISC)2 as a HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner.

Prior to joining Absolute, Stephen concluded a 30-year career as a prosecutor, having created and supervised one of the world's first computer crime units at the Nassau County DA's Office from 1997-2010, complete with in-house forensic examiners, investigators and undercover investigators.

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