Finding the Perfect Job Candidate Just Got Easier

To be successful as a company, finding and choosing the right team is critical. Every company must continuously expand its core team in order to increase market share and maintain competitive standing. Expanding your team requires top talent - specialists in the unique nature and culture of information security companies.

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You need to acquire and retain the best corporate level talent who understand the breadth of the information security industry. How do you find the right people with the skills, experience and mindset to help you sustain and grow your company?

Finding the "right people" just got easier thanks to the Career Center. Using the Internet to find and recruit the best talent is now a standard practice among employers. Online job boards are a popular, cost effective recruiting method for employers and job seekers for many reasons. More cost effective than running ads in local newspapers or trade journals, recruiting online helps employers expand their market for potential employees and enhance the quality of candidates. Hiring managers and job seekers enjoy the 24/7 convenience, ease of use, and real-time interactions.

Online Recruitment

Online recruitment offers employers the option to advertise job announcements with global, local or niche job boards. While direct access to resume databases and job postings via global job boards (e.g., Career Builder) is convenient, time spent weeding through hundreds of resumes from unqualified applicants minimizes the value. Local job boards offer access to talent in an immediate geographic region, an important consideration for certain categories of employees. Finding specialized or executive talent often requires casting a wider net.

Niche – or specialized -- job boards facilitate about one third of all online recruitment and include those operated by trade associations and membership organizations like Associations like are an excellent source of qualified talent for employers who seek direct access to targeted, qualified and specialized groups of employment candidates.

Associations are the best network and resource where colleagues and, mentors and newcomers come together on equal footing—the epicenter of a market. What better place for the best qualified talent to connect with the best employers than the Career Center? is a vital resource to help information security employers find and retain the best people for their teams. The Career Center also offers employers the advantage of spending their hiring budgets in a way that benefits their organization and their entire community.

The Career Center ( is the definitive resource to find qualified, experienced information security professionals. The niche, specialized nature of the Career Center provides employers with focused, cost effective access to information security professionals. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be seen by an exclusive audience of information security’s best and brightest.

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