Steve King

Steve King

Managing Director, Cybersecurity Marketing Advisory Services, CyberTheory

Steve King has served in senior leadership roles in technology development and deployment for the past 25 years. He is an author, lecturer and serial startup founder, including three successful exits in cybersecurity, and served for six years as the CISO for Wells Fargo Global Retail banking. As a co-founder of the CyberTheory Institute, King is passionate about the role Zero Trust must play in the future of cybersecurity defense. He is currently the managing director of CyberTheory and has held leadership roles in marketing and product development, operating as CEO, CTO and CISO for several startups, and served as CIO for Memorex and was the co-founder of the Cambridge Systems Group.

Joe Sullivan on What CISOs Need to Know About the Uber Trial

Steve King  •  November 13, 2023

The Surveillance Society and Digital Freedom

Steve King  •  July 17, 2023

MDM: Balancing the Need for User Privacy, Corporate Control

Steve King  •  June 23, 2023

Navigating the Complexities of Cyber Insurance

Steve King  •  June 15, 2023

Threat Detection for 'DEED' Environments of Enterprises Today

Steve King  •  June 9, 2023

Securing OT and IoT Assets in an Interconnected World

Steve King  •  June 6, 2023

Why Cyber Defenders Need Partnerships, Tools and Education

Steve King  •  June 5, 2023

Craig Box of ARMO on Kubernetes and Complexity

Steve King  •  February 8, 2023

Protecting the Hidden Layer in Neural Networks

Steve King  •  January 26, 2023

How Cyberattacks Affect CISOs

Steve King  •  January 17, 2023

A Self-Service Platform to Secure Small Businesses

Steve King  •  December 29, 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Present & Future

Steve King  •  December 28, 2022

Cyberwarfare's Role in the Next National Defense Strategy

Steve King  •  November 17, 2022

The Role of Cybersecurity in the Russia-Ukraine War

Steve King  •  November 9, 2022

Cyber Warfare: A New Playbook. How Cyber, Conventional Warfare and Disinformation/MDM Constitute a Unified Playbook

Presented by Matanda Doss, Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Technology Controls, Commercial Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co. , Ty Howard, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, City of Mesa , Steve King , Mike Manrod, CISO, Grand Canyon Education, Inc.  •  October 20, 2022

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