Martin Dinel

Martin Dinel

CISO and Executive Lead, Government of Alberta

Martin Dinel is a trusted and experienced information technology and cybersecurity professional with over 33 years of leadership experience in the industry. As Chief Information Security Officer for the Government of Alberta since August 2015, Martin is defining the Government of Alberta’s vision and strategy to counter the cyber threat and ensure that the information of Albertans is well protected. This year, Martin’s role expanded when he was assigned to the Government of Alberta’s COVID-19 pandemic response team as the Service Alberta representative, and later on, when Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Modernization and Rationalization, Alberta Digital Service (including the province’s Identity Management program), and Provincial Telecommunication were added to his portfolio. During his tenure as CISO, Martin has also been a member of various cybersecurity related committees, including the National CIO Subcommittee on Information Protection (NCSIP), a committee that includes peers from the federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments across the country, acting as Chair for almost 3 of the past 6 years.

CISO Spotlight: Alberta's Martin Dinel

Presented by Martin Dinel  •  June 14, 2021

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