Jeremy Kirk

Jeremy Kirk

Executive Editor, Security and Technology, ISMG

Kirk was executive editor for security and technology for Information Security Media Group. Reporting from Sydney, Australia, he created "The Ransomware Files" podcast, which tells the harrowing stories of IT pros who have fought back against ransomware.

Ransomware's Future: A Continuing Money Spinner

Jeremy Kirk  •  September 23, 2022

The Ransomware Files, Episode 11: The Adult Boutique

Jeremy Kirk  •  September 16, 2022

LA School District Forewarned of Malware, Attack Risks

Jeremy Kirk  •  September 9, 2022

LA School District Accounts Appear on Dark Web Before Attack

Jeremy Kirk  •  September 7, 2022

Cybercriminal Service 'EvilProxy' Seeks to Hijack Accounts

Jeremy Kirk  •  September 5, 2022

During a War, Cyber Intel Firm Opens Ukraine Office

Jeremy Kirk  •  August 30, 2022

Cyber Insurance: A Helping Hand But Premiums Are Rising

Jeremy Kirk  •  August 12, 2022

The Ransomware Files, Ep. 10: Dr. Ransomware, Part 2

Jeremy Kirk  •  August 5, 2022

The Ransomware Files, Episode 9: Dr. Ransomware, Part 1

Jeremy Kirk  •  July 13, 2022

Paying Ransomware Actors: 'It's a Business Decision'

Jeremy Kirk  •  June 22, 2022

The Ransomware Files, Episode 8: Travelex

Jeremy Kirk  •  June 20, 2022

The Ransomware Files, Bonus Ep. 1: REvil Is Foiled

Jeremy Kirk  •  May 30, 2022

Okta's Data Breach Debacle After Lapsus$ Attack: Postmortem

Jeremy Kirk  •  May 11, 2022

The Ransomware Files, Episode 7: Ryuk's Rampage

Jeremy Kirk  •  May 6, 2022

Battling Ransomware in Healthcare

Jeremy Kirk  •  April 29, 2022

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