Anna Delaney

Anna Delaney

Director, ISMG Productions

An experienced broadcast journalist, Delaney conducts interviews with senior cybersecurity leaders around the world. Previously, she was editor-in-chief of the website for The European Information Security Summit, or TEISS. Earlier, she worked at Levant TV and Resonance FM and served as a researcher at the BBC and ITV in their documentary and factual TV departments.

Why Endpoint Security Tools Are Still Such a Challenge

Anna Delaney  •  March 25, 2024

ISMG Editors: How Will the Quantum Era Reshape Cybersecurity?

Anna Delaney  •  March 22, 2024

Proof of Concept: Opening Up the AI 'Black Box'

Anna Delaney  •  March 21, 2024

ISMG Editors: Inside the Politics of US Cybersecurity

Anna Delaney  •  March 15, 2024

UK Council's Vision: Set High Standards in Cybersecurity

Anna Delaney  •  March 14, 2024

ISMG Editors: Our Pledge to You in a New Era of Journalism

Anna Delaney  •  March 8, 2024

Empowering Minority Voters to Fight Election Misinformation

Anna Delaney  •  March 7, 2024

ISC2 Survey: How Is AI Reshaping Cybersecurity?

Anna Delaney  •  March 4, 2024

ISMG Editors: OpenAI's Response to The New York Times Case

Anna Delaney  •  March 1, 2024

FBI Is Focused on Election Integrity, Misinformation Threats

Anna Delaney  •  February 29, 2024

Proof of Concept: Securing Elections in the Age of AI

Anna Delaney  •  February 27, 2024

The Path to Managing AI Ethically - and Achieving ISO 42001

Anna Delaney  •  February 26, 2024

ISMG Editors: The 'New Frontier' of AI and Identity Security

Anna Delaney  •  February 23, 2024

Open-Source Oversight: Security Gaps in IoT and OT Devices

Anna Delaney  •  February 22, 2024

ISMG Editors: What Happened to the Cyberwar in Israel?

Anna Delaney  •  February 16, 2024

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