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Zero Trust and the Role of Automation
Protect Small Business Inboxes by Shedding the Email Gateway
The Most Pressing Security Needs of the SMB and Midmarket
Building Trust With Robust Security: Future of Fintechs
Paving Paths for Sustainable Security
OT-CERT: Enabling SMBs to Address Cybersecurity Risks
The Challenges and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence
5 Critical Controls for ICS and OT Cybersecurity Strategy
Embracing Collective Protection to Thwart Bot-Based Attacks
AI Ethics by Design Is the Way Ahead to Protect Privacy
The Dual Role of AI in Identity and Access Management
John Chambers: Navigating Through Cybersecurity Volatility
How a Unified SIEM Helps Defenders
Startups and Cybersecurity: Gaps and Remedies
Life Story of a Well-Connected Ransomware Hacker
Where Organizations Falter in Their Zero Trust Approaches
Where VCs Dare to Invest
Lessons From Real-World Threat Intel, IR for Ransomware
Trends, Tactics and Threat Actors: The Changing Landscape
What Executive Liability Means for a CISO
The Journey to Being Truly Passwordless
Reduce Cost and Security Complexity by Ditching Legacy VPN
How Startups Can Help Protect Against AI-Based Threats
Protecting the Low-Hanging ICS Fruit
Building a Customized, Compliance-Focused Privacy Program
How to Protect Data as Cloud Migration Accelerates
Why App Security Should Shift Everywhere, Not Just Left
Protecting Yourself Against App-Based Malware Attacks
APIs Are the New Battleground in Cybersecurity
Mitigating Third-Party Cybersecurity Risks
The Evolution of the CISO's Role
Generative AI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Top Tips for Combating - and Recruiting - Social Engineers
How Cybersecurity Startups Can Weather the Economic Storm
Convergence: Emerging Tech, New Threat Vectors and Risks
Why Thoma Bravo Plans to Triple Down on Identity Protection
Robust Identity Protection Isn't Just for Employees Anymore
Using Generative AI Tools to More Effectively Clean Up Data
Asking Third-Party Vendors the 'Right' Questions
Protecting Bank Customer Data Throughout the Life Cycle
Artificial Intelligence May Change the SOC Forever
Why Vendor Consolidation Reduces Costs and Boosts Security
Taking the Fight to the Enemy With Offensive Cybersecurity
End-to-End Visibility: Challenges and Solutions
Artificial Intelligence and the Talent Shortage in Security
Enterprise Browser Is More Than Just Security
Evaluating Cloud Security Across the Enterprise
Secure Business Communications: Trends, Truths and Threats
Fighting Risks Inherent in the 'Work From Anywhere' World
Evolving Threats and Shifting Priorities in Healthcare
Navigating Complexities of Risk Management and Compliance
Why the Intelligence Community Now Embraces Open-Source Tech
Evolving Challenges in Mitigating Insider Threats
Generative AI's Role in Secure Software Development
Ransomware and Resilience: Where Trends Are Headed
Debunking the Myth: Securing OT Is Possible
The #1 Cybersecurity Strategy - And Why to Use It in 2023
The Need for Speed as Attacker Dwell Time Decreases
SBOM: Will It Actually Help Manage Supply Chain Risk?
Securing Cloud Environments Using CNAPP
How Security Vendors Can Strengthen Their Security Posture
The 5 Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques
Taking the Elevator to the Cloud: Otis' Security Journey
ITRC: Lack of Details in Data Breach Notices on the Rise
US Indicts Chinese National for Laundering DPRK Crypto
Most Common Connected Devices That Pose Risk to Hospitals
ISMG Editors: Opening Day Overview of RSA Conference 2023
US Deputy AG: Aiding Victims Takes Precedence Over Arrests
Medtronic Reports InPen Mobile Diabetic App Tracking Breach
Browser Makers and EU Face Off Over QWACs
ISMG Editors: Day 2 Overview at RSA Conference 2023
RSA Cryptographers' Panel Talks Quantum Computing and AI
UK Urged to Beef Up Seizures of Criminal Crypto
Prison Time for 11 Involved in India's Cosmos Bank Heist
ISMG Editors: Day 3 Overview at RSA Conference 2023
Iranian 'Educated Manticore' Hackers Target Israel
Empowering a Powerhouse of Offensive Security Solutions
6 Plead Guilty in Criminal HIPAA Scheme at Health Entity
Handling Open-Source Content Licensing: Wrong Answers Only
Obscure Network Protocol Has Flaw That Could Unleash DDoS
Detecting and Mitigating Fraud Through Trust Building
Hackers Exploit TP-Link N-Day Flaw to Build Mirai Botnet
Using DPM and MITRE ATT&CK to Improve SOC Effectiveness
Security Is Now Part of the Edge Ecosystem
Selecting the Right MDR Strategy
The Vulnerable State of the Software Supply Chain
SOC: Build vs. Buy - When Is It Right?
Fortinet: The Evolving Threat Landscape of 2023
Ethical Hackers: Are They Worth Your Investment?
Software Supply Chain Do's and Don'ts
Benefits of Automated XDR Platforms
Network and Security Convergence: How It's Evolving
Making Sense of FedRAMP and StateRAMP
Defending Against Emerging Threats in Mobile Security
Optimizing Threat Intelligence Analysis for Cybersecurity
Breach Roundup: Ukrainian Police Detain a PII Vendor
Cryptohack Roundup: Merlin, Kucoin, Trust and UniSat Wallet
Rethinking Organizational Threat Intelligence
Ransomware Hackers Exploit PaperCut Bugs
Panel: Threat Response Needs New Thinking
Thales Threat Report - 50% of Firms Not Ready for Ransomware
How to Simplify the Move to Software-Defined Networking
New England Health Plan Still Recovering From Attack
Illumina, Feds Say Genetic Testing Gear at Risk of Hacking
Inside the Secret World of Humint: The Art of Human Intelligence Gathering
Supply Chain Attacks Move Downmarket
ISMG Editors: Day 4 Overview at RSA Conference 2023
How Geopolitical Tensions Are Affecting the Threat Landscape
The Best Cybersecurity Defense Is a Good Offense
Google Wins Court Order to Block CryptBot Infrastructure
ISMG Editors: Final Review of RSA Conference 2023
One Brooklyn Reports Breach, Faces Lawsuit Post-Cyberattack
RTM Locker RaaS Group Turns to Linux, NAS and ESXi Hosts
Feds Urge 15-Month Sentence for Ex-Uber CSO Joe Sullivan
OpenText: Road to Smarter Information Management, Security
How ISACA Is Guiding Enterprises to Cybersecurity Maturity
New Approaches to Solving the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage
How to Better Educate 'Citizen Data Scientists' on AI and ML
How to Avoid a Lawsuit: OSS and M&A Vulnerabilities Exposed
SOARing through Automations Checks & Balance
Check Point Product Sales Slump as Customers Delay Purchases
Rolling Out the Passwordless Future
Why Privacy Is Generative and Constantly Moving
AI: Grappling With Trust, Risk and Security Management
Dispelling Misconceptions About Cyber Gamification
Changes to Midmarket Security Priorities in a Down Economy
Zero Trust: Lessons Learned and Lessons Identified
Security Controls Cyber Insurers Are Looking for These Days
Why the Cybersecurity Industry Needs to Be Agile
E-Closing Platforms Need to Be Trustworthy for Consumers
Inside President Biden's 'Relentless' Cybersecurity Focus
How Early-Stage Startups Plan to Use AI for Decision-Making
Taking a More Quantifiable Security Risk Approach
Patient in Leaked Photos Drops Pursuit for Ransom Payment
Insider Threat: Organizations Must Focus on Risk
Police Arrest Shuttered Monopoly Market Drug Sellers
Addressing Security Challenges, Opportunities in M&As
Key Findings of Proofpoint's 2023 State of the Phish Report
Helping Small and Midsized Businesses Improve Their Security
Artificial Intelligence and the SOC: A Match Made in Heaven
The Current Landscape for Cybersecurity Innovation
The Evolution of Identity Verification
Ransomware: The Era of Mass Exploitation Campaigns
Data Breaches in the Ransomware Era: Lessons Learned
Lawsuit Alleges Iowa Health Center Sent PHI to Facebook
Why Gaining Visibility Into Cyberthreats Is a Big Challenge
XDR for ChromeOS: What Does It Mean for the Cyber Industry?
2023 Is the Year of Exposure Management
Cops' Genesis Market Seizure: How the Cookie Market Crumbled
US FTC Asks Meta to Limit Monetization, Facial Recognition
Irish Civil Society Dogs Irish DPC With GDPR Criticism
Bridging the Gap Between Cyber Haves and Have-Nots
Getting a Tighter Grip on Supply Chain Security Risk
Police Seize Key Carder Market Infrastructure
WinRAR Weaponized for Attacks on Ukrainian Public Sector
Ron Gula's Cybersecurity Mission: 'Data Care,' Inclusivity
Why Sound Legal Counsel Is Key to Using AI for Cybersecurity
The Global War of Good Versus Bad
Unpacking the Booming Business of Cybercrime
Malware Taps Generative AI to Rewrite Code, Avoid Detection
Treasury Department Targets Cloud Risks for Financial Firms
Fortra GoAnyWhere-Related Health Data Breach Tally Climbs
How IT-OT Convergence Affects the Threat Landscape
Breach Roundup: Royal Ransomware Does Dallas
Out-Siloing Security and Development to Mitigate Cyber Risk
Efficiency Is Key in Global Cyber Capabilities Training
Cryptohack Roundup: Crypto Exchange Seizures
AI: Complex Emerging Regulatory and Risk Concerns
Court Dismisses FTC Complaint Against Data Broker Kochava
Merck's Win in NotPetya Insurance Dispute: What It Means
Ex-Uber CSO Joe Sullivan Avoids Federal Prison
Identity Governance Risk Assessment: What Areas Your Organization Should Focus On
Moving Beyond Compliance for Third-Party Security
APIs Are a Massive Problem - We Just Don’t Know How Massive
OT Security: Know What You've Got and Where Your Risks Are
Survey: Cloud Risk Growing in Financial Services
Meta Cracks Down on South Asian Cyberespionage Groups
Why Haven't Ransomware Groups Assisted Russia's Invasion?
Cybersecurity as Civil Defense: Everyone Has a Role
Tennessee Medical Clinic Patient Services Hampered by Attack
ISMG Editors: Special Focus on Cybersecurity in Government
European Commission Proposes Network of Cross-Border SOCs
The Double-Edged Sword of Crypto in Ransomware
Ukrainian Forces Shutter Bot Farms and Illicit VPN Provider
The Past, Present and Future of Tech Regulation
Why Humans Alone Can't Beat Cybercrime
The Role of Regulation in Comprehensive Cybersecurity
Fleckpe Trojan Infects 620K Devices Via Google Play
Cloud-Based EHR Vendor Notifying 1 Million of Data Breach
LockBit 3.0 Leaks 600 GBs of Data Stolen From Indian Lender
Hackers Leak Private Keys; Many MSI Products at Risk
Achieving OT Security Maturity
US Court Rules for Corellium In Apple Copyright Case
Feds Dismember Russia's 'Snake' Cyberespionage Operation
Why Security Posture Management is Crucial for Cloud Email
How 4 Cybersecurity Companies Protect Against Cloud Vulnerabilities
A SOCcessful Team: How to Make Your Security Operations More Efficient
Still Using Passwords to Access Apps from Your Devices? There's a Better Way
PEGA Committee Calls for Limits on Commercial Spyware
Profiles in Leadership: Vlad Brodsky
Russian Group Possibly Behind Cyberespionage in Central Asia
Researchers Find Bypass for a Fixed Bug; MSFT Patches Again
OT Security: It's an Enterprisewide Challenge
How to Prevent Attacks that Bypass MFA
EU Attorneys Question Legality of Chat App Scanning for CSAM
Profiles in Leadership: JT Jacoby
Meta Pixel Lawsuit Survives UC Motion to Dismiss
Microsoft Fixes BlackLotus Vulnerability, Again
UK Parliament Hears Assurances on GDPR Adequacy
Ubiquiti Insider Hacker Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison
Akamai Lays Off Nearly 300 Staff to Hit Profitability Goals
Hacking With a Conscience: Exploring the World of Ethical Hacking
Breach Roundup: Attempted Extortion Attack on Dragos
How to Build a Modern DLP Program with CASB
Cryptohack Roundup: $34M MEV Bot Attack, $1.2M BitFlyer Fine
Feds Warn of Rise in Attacks Involving Veeam Software Flaw
European Parliament Rejects EU-US Data Framework
XDR: The Present, Future and Keys to Success
Cloud Migration: What Is Good Security?
Crosspoint Capital to Purchase Absolute Software for $657M
Editors Panel: How Feds Hacked Russia's 'Snake' Operation
Toyota Exposed Auto Location of 2M Japanese Customers
Huntress Raises $60M to Bring Managed Protection to Identity
Building True Cyber Resilience in 2023
Enigmatic Hacking Group Operating in Ukraine
Uintah Basin Healthcare Data Breach Affects Over 100,000
Validate, Verify and Authenticate Your Customer Identity
Info-Stealing Malware Populates 'Cloud of Logs' Offerings
Why 'Shift Left' Leads to Unrealistic Security Expectations
PharMerica Reports Breach Affecting Nearly 6 Million People
What the Uber-Joe Sullivan Case Means for CISO Liability
Bipartisan Bill Aims to Shut Rural Hospital Cyber Skill Gaps
Capita Data Breach Affects Britain's Largest Pension Fund
IBM Buys Polar Security to Find and Protect Cloud, SaaS Data
OpenAI CEO Calls for Regulation But No Pause on Advanced AI
Threat Actor Uses Merdoor Backdoor to Hit Asian Orgs
The Drawing Board: Privileged Access Management
NextGen Facing a Dozen Lawsuits So Far Following Breach
Feds Hit Vendor With $350K Settlement in FTP Server Breach
Small Utilities, Hospitals Struggle With Newer Cyberthreats
Alleged Babuk Ransomware Hacker 'Wazawaka' Indicted in US
EU Adopts Comprehensive Crypto Regulation
Skynet Carder Market Founder Pleads Guilty
Feds Charge Russian, Chinese Nationals With Illegal Exports
Deception: A New Approach to Identity-Based Attack Prevention
RA Group Using Babuk Ransomware Source Code in Fresh Attacks
Royal Ransomware Group Builds Its Own Malware Loader
Russian Hackers Target Ukrainians' Personal Data, Says Kyiv
4 State AGs Punch EyeMed With $2.5 M Fine for 2020 Breach
Data443 Buys Cyren Assets Out of Bankruptcy for Up to $3.5M
FTC Fines Fertility App Vendor, Bars It From Data Sharing
BianLian Skips Encryption on Way to Extortion
FTC Makes Moves to Enhance Data Privacy Oversight
Breach Roundup: Philadelphia Inquirer
French Privacy Watchdog Pledges Additional AI Oversight
Cryptohack Roundup: Uranium Finance, LayerZero, MiCA
LockBit Leaks 1.5TB of Data Stolen From Indonesia's BSI Bank
Exploring Gaps in the EU's 'Most Comprehensive' Crypto Law
ISMG Editors: The Plot Thickens for Capita in Breach Fallout
LexisNexis, Experian, IBM, F5 Top Fraud Reduction Tech
Apple Fixes 3 Zero-Days Exploited in the Wild
The FTC Pushes Boundaries With Proposed Health Rule Change
Profiles in Leadership: Michael D'Ambrosio
Cyberattacks on Taiwan Surge Amid Chinese Aggression
Phishing Vendor Sells IP Addresses to Duck Anomaly Detection
Open-Source Info Stealer RAT Hides in Malicious npm Packages
The Economics of Transforming Your SOC
Avoiding Pitfalls in the Cyber Insurance Application Process
Facebook Ordered to Suspend Data Transfers to US From Europe
Android Fingerprint Biometrics Fall to 'BrutePrint' Attack
China Bans Micron Chip Sales
Federal Lawsuits in Fortra Health Data Breach Piling Up
How Failing to Address Physical Security Creates Cyber Risk
iSpoof Admin Gets Up to 13 Years in 115M Euro Vishing Fraud
RSA Conference 2023 Compendium: 160+ Interviews and More
Samsung Patches Memory Address Randomization Bypass Flaw
How the New UK Fraud Strategy Targets Scams
IT Worker Admits Piggybacking on Hacker's Extortion Attempt
Ukraine Identifies Central Asian Cyberespionage Campaign
Home Health Gear Firm Says Breach Affects Nearly 1.9 Million
NY AG Fines Practice Management Firm $550K in 2020 Breach
Why Cyber Seed Funding Has Blossomed in the Economic Drought
Sharp Decline in Crypto Hacks in Q1 2023 Unlikely to Last
North Korea's BlueNoroff Group Targets macOS Systems
EU Committee Probes TikTok, UK's Updated GDPR
US Sanctions North Korean Entities for Sending Regime Funds
State-Aligned Actors Targeting SMBs Globally
CommonSpirit Ups Cost Estimate on Its 2022 Ransomware Breach
5 Years of GDPR: Criticism Outweighs Positive Impact
GoldenJackal APT Targeting South Asian Government Agencies
Chinese State Hacker 'Volt Typhoon' Targets Guam and US
North Korean APT Group Kimsuky Shifting Attack Tactics
Mass Exploitation of Zyxel Network Appliances Underway
Mitigating OT Security Risks: Focusing on Solutions, not Products
New Russian OT Malware Could Wreak Havoc on Electric Systems
Help Available for Tackling Legacy Medical Device Security
Breach Roundup: Barracuda ESG Appliance Users Face Hacking
Cryptohack Roundup: Tornado Cash Hack
AHA Tells HHS to 'Amend or Suspend' Web Tracking Guidance
OAuth Flaw Exposed Social Media Logins to Account Takeover
German Prosecutors Indict FinFisher Spyware Executives
Iranian Hackers Deploy New Ransomware Against Israeli Firms
Check Fraud: New Approaches to Solving an Age-Old Problem
ISMG Editors: How Ukraine's Cyber Defenders Prepped for War
Capita Hack Fallout: Regulator Sees Breach Reports Surge
OpenAI CEO Altman 'Blackmails' EU Over AI Regulation
Medical Specialty Practice Says Recent Hack Affects 224,500
Expel, CrowdStrike, Red Canary Dominate MDR Forrester Wave
Pegasus Spyware Spotted in Nagorno-Karabakh War
Latitude Financial Attack Costs Company Up to AU$105 Million
Dental Health Insurer Hack Affects Nearly 9 Million
Sports Warehouse Fined $300,000 Over Payment Card Data Theft
Invoice and CEO Scams Dominate Fraud Affecting Businesses
Where Hospitals Are Still More Cyber Reactive Than Proactive
Why Identity Is Key to Baselining API Security Programs
Synopsys Extends Lead in Gartner MQ for App Security Testing
Apple Patched System Integrity Protection Bypass Flaw
Microsoft Revises Bing Cookie Policy in France
Hackers Exploited Zero-Day Bug for 8 Months, Barracuda Warns
Dark Pink Ramps Up Cyberespionage Attacks, Hits New Targets
Cisco's New XDR Tool Emphasizes Robust Telemetry Correlation
Cyberattack Diverts Patients From Rural Idaho Hospital
Ring Settles FTC Allegations of Poor Cybersecurity, Privacy
Ukrainian CERT Warns of New SmokeLoader Campaign
Cisco Buys Armorblox to Bring Generative AI to Its Portfolio
AI Tech Execs Put AI on Par With Nukes for Extinction Risk
After Ransomware Attack, Oakland Faces Data Breach Lawsuit
Cryptohack Roundup: Hacker Yields Control of Tornado Cash
Hackers Exploit Progress MOVEit File Transfer Vulnerability
Breach Roundup: Amazon Settles US FTC Investigations
Lab Testing Firm Says Ransomware Breach Affects 2.5 Million
Kaspersky Discloses Apple Zero-Click Malware
SentinelOne Lays Off 5% of Staff as Data Consumption Tumbles
ISMG Editors: Why Communications Skills Matter for CISOs
Pentagon to Pay Starlink for Ukraine's Satellite Broadband
OnDemand Webinar: Destroying the Barrier to Sophisticated Detection & Response
Mistrial in Criminal HIPAA Case Against Army Doctor & Spouse
Chinese APT Backdoor Bypasses Indonesian Antivirus
Hackers Using MOVEit Flaw to Deploy Web Shells, Steal Data
Microsoft Sets Aside $425M for Anticipated GDPR Fine
Verizon: When Ransomware Attacks Cost, They're Costing More
Microsoft Attributes MOVEit Transfer Hack to Clop Affiliate
Iowa Reports Third Big Vendor Breach This Year
Highlights of Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2023
Psychiatry Practice Fined for Posting PHI Online
Microsoft Pays $20M to Settle FTC COPPA Complaint
FTC Files Amended Lawsuit Against Data Broker Kochava
Ukraine Warns Against Cyberespionage Campaign
Google Fixes Actively Exploited Chrome Zero-Day
Clop Ransomware Gang Asserts It Hacked MOVEit Instances
Risk Based Alerting (RBA): The Future and Foundation of Next Generation Security
Snyk to Acquire App Security Posture Management Startup Enso
US SEC Sues Binance and Coinbase Over Securities Violations
Hospital Worker Sentenced for HIPAA Crimes in ID Theft Scam
Shedding New Light on Software Visibility in the Age of SBOM
Dragos Lays Off 9% of Workers as OT Security Spending Slows
Suspected Nation-State Actors Target US Aerospace Industry
Hacking Group Seen Mixing Cybercrime and Cyberespionage
US DOJ Indicts 6 for $6M Business Email Compromise Scam
US Supreme Court Curtails Identity Theft Prosecutions
Breach Roundup: Barracuda Networks Recalls Hacked Appliances
Nova Scotia Health Says 100,000 Affected by MOVEit Hack
Blackpoint Gets $190M From Bain Capital to Boost MSP Defense
Cryptohack Roundup: Court Summons for Binance Chief
ISMG Editors: Verizon's DBIR Reveals Surge in BEC Scams
Mastering Stakeholder Comms: How to Get Buy-In From the Top
Cloud Security Trends, Best Practices Everyone Should Know
Point32Health, Harvard Pilgrim Facing 4 Data Breach Lawsuits
Shift5 Gets $33M to Help Safeguard Commercial Transportation
US DOJ Charges 2 Russian Nationals With Mt. Gox Hack
MOVEit Discloses More Vulnerabilities, Issues Patch
UK Takes the First Step to Stop Authorized Payment Scams
Fortinet Fixes Critical Remote Code Flaw
OnDemand Webinar: Start Gathering Your Own Threat Intelligence
New OnDemand Webinar: Taking Insider Risk Management to the Next Level
Another Healthcare Vendor Reports Big Forta GoAnywhere Hack
Expel Lays Off 10% of Workers 8 Months After Hauling in $31M
E-Commerce Firms Are Top Targets for API, Web Apps Attacks
Gozi Host 'Virus' Sentenced to 3 Years in US Prison
Rural Healthcare Provider Closing Due in Part to Attack Woes
Thales to Buy Tesserent for $119.1M to Aid Australian Growth
CISO Roundtable: XDR Perspectives and the Art of Optimization
Navigating the Storm: Building Blocks for Cloud Security Services
Spotify Fined 5 Million Euros for GDPR Violations
How AI Is Helping Banks Spot Money Mule Accounts
Europe Closes in on Rules for Artificial Intelligence
Is Supercloud Really Multi-Cloud?
Bill for Rural Hospital Cyber Skills Passes Senate Committee
Sumo Logic Lays Off 79 Staffers on Heels of Sale to PE Firm
Microsoft Links 2022 WhisperGate Kyiv Attacks to Russia
DataOps & Multi-Cloud: Streamlining Data Management
Microsoft's June Patch Tuesday Covers Very Exploitable Bugs
APP Scams Rise as Adoption of Real-Time Payments Grows
Chinese Hackers Exploit Barracuda ESG Zero-Day
European Parliament Condemns Commercial Spyware
Hospital Fined $240K for Records-Snooping Breach by Guards
Real Estate Firm Hack Affects 319,500 Patients, Employees
Russian National Charged With Carrying Out 4 LockBit Attacks
Breach Roundup: More MOVEit Victims, Including US Government
Cryptohack Roundup: $100 Million Atomic Wallet Heist
Join Huawei and ZTE Ban, EU Official Urges European Nations
ISMG Editors: The Changing Nature of the Security Profession
Getting a Handle on Cyberthreats Facing Rural Hospitals
Forrester Report: 3 Top New Threats in 2023
C5 Looks to Take IronNet Private, Oust Gen. Keith Alexander
Russian Hackers Using USB Malware to Target Ukraine
Cybercriminals Dive Into Cryptomining Pools to Launder Funds
FTC Orders to Improve DNA Data Privacy, Security
MOVEit Reveals Another SQL Injection Bug; New Victims Emerge
DDoS Attacks Culprit of Recent Azure, Microsoft 365 Outages
SeroXen Malware Latest to Deploy BatCloak Evasion Tool
Feds Warn Health Sector of TimisoaraHackerTeam Threats
Sonatype, Snyk, Synopsys Top SW Comp Analysis Forrester Wave
Expensive Proxies Underpin Anonymous Sudan DDoS Attacks
UK National Crime Agency Head Calls for Hacking Law Updates
Info-Stealing Malware Is Harvesting ChatGPT Credentials
Groups Urge HHS to Finalize Reproductive Health Data Changes
SEC Delays Final Rules on Breach Disclosure, Board Expertise
Ukraine Tracks Multiple Spear-Phishing Campaigns From Russia
Europol: Private Sector Essential for Combating Ransomware
Surging Condi Botnet Campaign Hits Unpatched TP-Link Routers
Ukrainian Police Disrupt Cryptocurrency Scam Aimed at Canada
DOJ's New Cyber Unit to Focus on Nation-State Cybercrimes
State Fines Kaiser Permanente $450K for PHI Mailing Blunder
Chinese Hackers Targeted G7 Summit Through MS Office Flaw
US Senate Leader Champions More AI Security, Explainability
Why the Public Cloud Is More Secure Than Legacy Data Centers
Cryptohack Roundup: Bankman-Fried to Face 2 Criminal Trials
MOVEit Data Breach Victims Sue Progress Software
APT37 Exploited Messaging App to Plant Wiretapping Malware
Apple Fixes Multiple 4-Year-Old Zero-Days
UK Law Firms at Increased Risk of Being Hacked
Exabeam Gets 3rd CEO Since 2021, Promotes CPO Adam Geller
Data Breach Lawsuit Alleges Mismanagement of 3rd-Party Risk
French Ad Tech Firm Fined 40M Euros for GDPR Violations
Breach Roundup: European Investment Bank Suffers Cyberattack
NSA Issues Remediation Guidance for BlackLotus Malware
MOVEit Hacks: Data Breach Victim Count Grows by Millions
EU to Push Ahead With Data Act Despite Criticism
Hackers Targeting Linux and IoT Devices for Cryptomining
SEO Poisoning Attacks on Healthcare Sector Rising, HHS Warns
Appeals Court Upholds Synopsys Victory in Trade Secrets Suit
SEC Alleges SolarWinds CFO, CISO Violated US Securities Laws
Millions of GitHub Repositories Vulnerable to Repo Jacking
Monopoly Darknet Market: Suspected Operator Extradited to US
Irish Government Accused of Trying to Muzzle Privacy Critics
24-Year-Old British Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Twitter Hack
Victim Count in Maryland Ransomware Breach Jumps Fivefold
Chinese APT Group Uses New Tradecraft to Live Off the Land
Socure Buys Berbix for $70M to Fortify Identity Verification
The Impact of Zero Trust Networks on Cloud Transformation and Access
Extortion Group Clop's MOVEit Attacks Hit Over 130 Victims
Cyera Raises $100M to Bring Data Protection to Hybrid Cloud
Ukraine Cracks Down on Investment Scams, Raids Call Centers
EncroChat Disruption Leads to Arrest of Over 6,000 Suspects
Astrix Security Raises $25M to Protect Nonhuman Identities
European Cyber Agency Remains Underfunded
Apple Criticizes UK Government's Client-Side Scanning Push
50 US Agencies Using Unsecured Devices, Violating Policy
How to Step-Up Your Cybersecurity: A Panel Discussion
Ukraine's Critical Infrastructure Hit 3,000 Times Since 2022
Worker Inappropriately Accessed Patient Records for 15 Years
Vendor Pays $75,000 HIPAA Fine in Data Exfiltration Breach
Venn Raises $29M to Safeguard Data on Employee-Owned Laptops
Clop's MOVEit Campaign Affects Over 16 Million Individuals
Accounting Fraud: Why Can't the Industry Get It Right?
Ireland to Strengthen NCSC Under Renewed Cyber Strategy
New Malware by Lazarus-Backed Andariel Group Exploits Log4j
Cryptohack Roundup: Q2 DeFi Hacks, FTX and SBF
Post-Transformation: Building a Culture of Security
Trauma, Terrorist Victim Data Breached in University Attack
Feds, Medtronic Warn of Flaw in Cardiac Device Data Tool
New Ransomware Actor 8Base Rivals LockBit in Extortion
Breach Roundup: Russians Sanctioned for Election Influence
Putting Monetary Value on Cyber Risk
Why We Need a Holistic Risk-Based Approach to Cybersecurity
ISMG Editors: Fallout for CISOs in SEC-SolarWinds Probe
EU Is Set to Finalize Digital Wallet, Proposes Digital Euro
Proofpoint, Cloudflare Dominate Email Defense Forrester Wave
Details of 1st Government Hack Are Disclosed, 20 Years Later
HHS Tells Congress 100,000+ People Affected by MOVEit Hacks
Taiwan Semiconductor Denies LockBit's $70M Hack Claim
Iranian APT Group Charming Kitten Updates Powerstar Backdoor
Talon CEO on Bringing Security, Compliance to Generative AI
Securing the Workforce With an Enterprise Browser
How to Snare Software Supply Chain Hackers With Honeytokens
Steps to Improve External Attack Surface Management
BlackCat Uses Malvertising to Push Backdoor
Feds Urge Healthcare Providers, Vendors to Use Strong MFA
CISA's New 'CyberSentry' Program to Tighten ICS Security
Lumu, ExtraHop Lead Network Analysis, Visibility: Forrester
Dutch Critical OT Systems Vulnerable to Hacks
Banking Tech Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Cyber Risk
Cato CEO on Why Single-Vendor SASE Will Dominate the Market
Hackers Steal and Sell Victims' Bandwidth Using Proxyjacking
OnDemand I How to Strengthen Your Organization's Last Line of Defense: Your Human Firewall
Chinese Hackers Are Using HTML Smuggling to Target Europe
Sweden Fines Firms for Google Analytics Use, Privacy Issues
Accounting Fraud: Which Tools Should You Invest In?
Kevin Mandia on Attacks Against Ukraine and Why They Matter
Crypto Cybercrime Cost Dips to $920M in 2023
Tenable CEO on Using AI to Spot Exploitable Vulnerabilities
Likely Mexican Hacker Targets Bank Customers in Spain, Chile
UK Academics Join Critics of Proposal to Weaken Encryption
Aligning Cybersecurity Controls With Business Risk Appetite
Balancing Privacy and Visibility - Insider Threat Meets DLP
Enabling Boards to Measure Cybersecurity Effectiveness
Tips for Implementing a Good Third-Party Risk Program
Stripping the Magnetic Stripe: What's Taking So Long?
Tennessee Clinic: April 'BianLian' Attack Affected 559,000
New Chinese Counterespionage Law Aimed at US Tech Sector
What Should a Chatbot Policy Look Like?
Creative Ways to Educate Employees on Generative AI Use
Japanese Port Reopens After Russian Ransomware Group Attack
A10 CEO on Protecting Service Providers From Emerging Issues
Make Every Dollar Count: Maximizing Value of Security Investments
Cryptohack Roundup: Poly Network Hacked for $10M
Mobile App Security Using No-Code Cyber Defense Automation
Ensuring Enterprise Readiness for SaaS Startups
Keeping Active Directory Protected - and Resilient
Tackling Vulnerabilities Qualitatively, Not Quantitatively
International Police Arrest Head of Opera1er Cybercrime Gang
Security Tool Consolidation: How to Plan, What to Avoid
Real Estate Firm Faces 3 Lawsuits in Addiction Center Breach
Breach Roundup: Iranian Group Targets Nuclear Experts
Ransomware Continues to Plague European Healthcare Sector
What Happens When Cloud Identities Become Your Biggest Security Threat?
The Biggest & Boldest Data Breaches & Insider Threats of 2023
Outsmarting the Hackers: Next-Level Strategies for Battling Third-Party Cyber Risks
ThreatLocker CEO on Making Security Reports Relevant to SMBs
Staying Ahead of Attacks Through Information Sharing
ISMG Editors: Virtual War Between US and China Persists
35M Indonesians' Passport Data for Sale on Dark Web for $10K
New French Bill Would Permit Law Enforcement Surveillance
Latest MOVEit Bug Is Another Critical SQL Injection Flaw
Midyear Health Data Breach Analysis: The Top Culprits
An Identity Security-first Approach to the Evolving Threat Landscape
Updated Truebot Malware Targeting Orgs in US, Canada
TPG to Buy Forcepoint's Government Security Unit for $2.45B
Bangladesh Government Portal Leaked 50M Citizens' Records
European Commission Adopts EU-US Data Privacy Framework
Broadcom's Clayton Donley on How AIOps Helps Resolve Alerts
BeyondTrust CEO on Merging Privileged, Infrastructure Access
HCA Says Up to 11M Patients Affected by Email Data Hack
Honeywell to Buy SCADAfence to Strengthen OT Security Muscle
Ukrainian Agencies, NATO Targeted With RATs Ahead of Summit
Spanish Police Arrest Phishing Ring Targeting Bank Customers
Custom Trojan Attacking Latin American Organizations
Web-Browsing Glitch Prompts Apple to Withdraw Zero-Day Fix
Lawsuits Filed Against Johns Hopkins in MOVEit Hack Mess
Clop Crime Group Adds 62 Ernst & Young Clients to Leak Site
Safe Security Buys Cyber Risk Quantification Vendor RiskLens
Why Semperis Added Gen. Petraeus to Its Advisory Board
Fake Used-Car Flyer for 2011 BMW Phishes Diplomats in Kyiv
Microsoft Releases Patches for 6 Zero-Days, 132 Flaws
IronNet CEO Gen. Keith Alexander Out Amid Take-Private Deal
US Veterans Affairs Review Finds Unresolved Vulnerabilities
Australian Users' Data Accessible in China, TikTok Exec Says
Teenagers Behind Uber, Revolut Hacks to Face Criminal Trial
Orca Security Sues Wiz for Allegedly Violating 2 Patents
China-Based Hacker Hijacked EU, US Government Emails
Russia to Ban iPhone Use by Government Employees
Ransomware Crypto Payments Poised to Set New Record in 2023
Can Generative AI Help Secure the Supply Chain?
Cryptohack Roundup: Multichain Lost $228M - Nobody Knows Why
You Can't Control Everything in Your Environment
White House Issues National Cybersecurity Strategy Road Map
First Lawsuit Filed in HCA Data Hack as New Questions Emerge
Patch Now! SonicWall, Fortinet Fix Multiple Critical Bugs
Threat Actors Customizing Tools for Mobile OS-Based Fraud
Critical Rockwell OT Bugs Fixed to Prevent Novel APT Exploit
Breach Roundup: IT Worker Sentenced for Impersonation
Manny Rivelo on Why Forcepoint Will Sell Its Government Unit
CEO Rosch on What Thoma Bravo's Buy Would Mean for ForgeRock
What Info Security Can Learn From Product Security
How AI Can Empower Defenders, Enhance Cybersecurity
As Data Breach Reports Surge, Healthcare Is Most Hit Sector
Public Sector Cloud Security: Key Questions to Be Answered
Countering IoT Threats to Smart Buildings
Evolution of Security: Embracing Edge, AI and Collaboration
Russian APT Group Actively Targets Ukrainian Public Offices
Latest LokiBot Campaign Exploits Malicious MS Documents
Belarus Hackers Targeting Poland, Ukraine With RAT, Phishing
Healthcare Summit: Securing Life Sciences, Genomic Data
Why Hospitals Must Implement Robust Vendor Risk Management
ISMG Editors: Why Is the US Behind in Securing Credit Cards?
Medical Device Maker Flags 8 Flaws in Drug Infusion Products
Software Firm JumpCloud Attacked by Nation-State Actors
Elevating Cloud Transformation with Zero Trust Networks: Reinventing Data Security
Hackers Stole Signing Key, Hit US Government's Microsoft 365
Fostering a More Inclusive Culture to Close the Skills Gap
WormGPT: How GPT's Evil Twin Could Be Used in BEC Attacks
BreachForums' Admin Pleads Guilty, Faces 40 Years in Prison
Security Alert: Exploit Chain Actively Hits ColdFusion
OT Security Is More Than Just Cybersecurity
Number of Victims Breached Via MOVEit Zero-Day Keeps Climbing
Netcraft Snags $100M, Names Former DigiCert Executive as CEO
Spanish Police End a Decade on the Run for Ukrainian Hacker
China Raises Cybersecurity Barriers to Tech Investments
Why Bitcoin Is No Longer Cybercriminals' Currency of Choice
Utility Experts Highlight Chinese Threat to US Electric Grid
Immuta CEO on Defending Access, Ownership in Data Warehouses
BigID CEO on How to Govern Unstructured Data Informing LLMs
Qualys CEO on Vulnerability, Patch Management Needs of SMBs
How Generative AI Helps Clients Harden Their Attack Surface
Salt CEO on the Security Risks Around Agile API Development
Biden Administration Blacklists 2 Commercial Spyware Firms
Security Agencies Urge Users to Patch Citrix Zero-Day Flaw
White House Unveils Cyber Trust Label for Smart Devices
Microsoft Expands Logging Access After Chinese Hack Blowback
Russian Hackers Probe Ukrainian Defense Sector With Backdoor
Ukrainian Police Shutter Propaganda-Spreading Bot Farm
Lessons Learned From Brazil's PIX for US FedNow Program
Menlo CEO Amir Ben-Efraim on Beating Highly Evasive Threats
Combat IT Team Burnout by Embracing Automation
Strategy Is Inspiration; Operations Make It Reality
Remembering World-Famous Computer Hacker Kevin Mitnick
Cryptohack Roundup: Regulations, Multichain Update
Graylog Buys API Security Firm Resurface for Added Telemetry
Feds Warn Hospitals, Telehealth Firms About Web Tracker Use
Black SEO Offerings Gaining Momentum in Underground Forums
Adobe Fixes ColdFusion Zero-Day - Again
Breach Roundup: US Ambassador to China's Email Hacked Too
JumpCloud Blames North Korean Hackers for Breach
Chinese Threat Group APT41 Linked to Android Malware Attacks
Federal Reserve's FedNow Goes Live With Fast Payments
Merck's Success Story: Boosting Efficiency With RPA and Bots
Why Privacy, Device Management Are Better VC Bets Than Cloud
Small and Midsized Firms Still Struggle With Cyber Basics
Count of Organizations Breached via MOVEit Campaign Hits 400
Managing Shadow IT Across Your Enterprise
Florida Hospital Says Data Theft Attack Affects 1.2 Million
7 Tech Firms Pledge to White House to Make AI Safe, Secure
ISMG Editors: Microsoft's Move to Expand Logging Access
JumpCloud Hackers Likely Targeting GitHub Accounts Too
Couple Charged in Laundering Bitfinex Heist to Plead Guilty
Kate Bolseth on Why Fortra Has Aggressively Sought Cyber M&A
Service Provider's Probe Counts More Victims of MOVEit Hacks
How API Business Logic Flaws Expose Sensitive Data
12 Norwegian Ministries Impacted in ICT Platform Hack
Facial Recognition - Privacy Regulation in the Era of AI
Smishing Campaign Impersonates Japanese Utilities
OneTrust Raises $150M From Al Gore's Firm Following Layoffs
Law Firm Hack Affects Victims of an Earlier Breach Again
Will FedNow Truly Rewire the US Payments Landscape?
Gamification Can Make Security Training Fun
Thales to Buy Imperva From PE Firm Thoma Bravo for $3.6B
Cloud Is an Easy Conduit for Attackers
Ivanti Zero-Day Used in Norway Government Breach
Help Your Employees Guard Against Rising Attacks
Protect AI Raises $35M to Guard ML From Supply Chain Threats
Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Radio Encryption System
Supply Chain, Open Source Pose Major Challenge to AI Systems
Latest MOVEit Data Breach Victim Tally: 455 Organizations
OpenText Exec on What the Micro Focus Buy Means for Security
Infoblox CEO on Bringing DNS Protection to Domain Monitoring
WatchGuard CEO Prakash Panjwani on Making XDR Easy for MSPs
Dutch Police Nab Suspected Genesis Market Super User
ISMG Healthcare Security Summit: BEC, HIPAA, HICP and More
SEC Votes to Require Material Incident Disclosure in 4 Days
SmokeLoader Campaign Intensifying, Ukrainian CERT Warns
Software Vendor Attack Slows Down 2 UK Ambulance Services
Criminals Are Flocking to a Malicious Generative AI Tool
Cardiac Monitoring Software Firm Hit With Cyberattack
The Insider Threat and Why We Need Human Risk Assessments
ChatGPT's Web3 Bug Reports Are 'Nonsensical,' Immunefi Says
Count of Organizations Affected by MOVEit Attacks Passes 515
Cryptohack Roundup: Worldcoin Worries and Lazarus Hacking
Faster Payments, Faster Fraud - and Emerging Solutions
Hackers Heart Dormant and Default Credentials for Access
Incident Response Essentials: Collaboration and Flexibility
Phishing Scam Affects Nearly 170K Henry Ford Health Patients
Breach Roundup: Zenbleed Flaw Exposes AMD Ryzen CPUs
Coro Buys Privatise to Infuse SASE With Network Connectivity
Moscow Court Convicts Former Group-IB Chief for Treason
Is AI the Key to Making Better (and Faster) TPRM Decisions?
ISMG Editors: MOVEit Breach Fallout, Cybercrime Innovation
US and Australia Warn Developers Over IDOR Vulnerabilities
FBI: Hackers Use AI for Sextortion, Explosives, Bad Websites
700,000 Sensitive Teacher, Student Records Exposed on Web
Lazarus Group Targets Microsoft IIS Servers
North Korean Hackers Phishing With US Army Job Lures
Ivanti Says Second Zero-Day Used in Norway Government Breach
Incident Recovery, Step 1: Stop the Bleeding
Saying 'No' Caps Profits: The Changing Role of the CISO
Don't Blame Users for Failures - Support Them to Be Secure
Shadow APIs - You Can't Defend What You Don't Know Exists
White House Unveils National Cyber Workforce Strategy
Known MOVEit Attack Victim Count Reaches 545 Organizations
European Governments Targeted in Russian Espionage Campaign
Ukraine Cracks Down on Illicit Financing Network
New Malware WikiLoader Targeting Italian Organizations
Study Downplays Cyber Insurance as Incentive to Pay Ransom
Business-to-Business Synthetic ID Fraud Is on the Rise
CEO Kabir Barday on OneTrust's Path to Being Publicly Traded
Netskope CEO on the Security Perks, Perils of Generative AI
Why Security Leaders Need to Have a 'Broadness of Skills'
Hosting Provider Accused of Facilitating Nation-State Hacks
Tennessee Heart Clinic Tells 170,000 of Hacking, Data Breach
Why Many Organizations Are Consolidating Tool Sets With MSPs
Expel: Firms Still Threatened by Old Vulnerabilities
Privacy Watchdog Slams Sharing of Patient Data Via WhatsApp
Malware Campaign Targets Eastern European Air-Gapped Systems
Tenable CEO Slams Microsoft for Failing to Quickly Patch Bug
Class Action Attorneys Circling Major Healthcare Breaches
Ivanti Norway Hacks Began in April, Says US CISA
Endor Labs Raises $70M to Push From Code to Pipeline Defense
Cryptohack Roundup: WorldCoin Probes, Curve Finance Theft
Irish DPC Will Conclude TikTok Privacy Probe Within Weeks
Contractor Says Several Health Plans Affected by MOVEit Hack
Breach Roundup: Evotec Slashes Earnings Estimate After Hack
US Man Admits to $4.5B Bitfinex Hack, Money Laundering
Staying Cyber Resilient in 2023: Data Security Predictions
Russian Hackers Are Pretending to Be Microsoft Tech Support
Russian Hacking Group Shakes Up Its Infrastructure
Fortinet Sales Growth Slows as Enterprise Deals Get Delayed
Patching Conundrum: 5-Year-Old Flaw Again Tops Most-Hit List
US CISA Urges Improvements to Key Computer Component
California Hospital Chain Facing Ransom, Service Disruption
ISMG Editors: Financial Services Special
UK Sounds Warning Over Targeted Healthcare Attack
US Government Lagging on Border Gateway Protocol Security
White House Pushes Cybersecurity Defense for K-12 Schools
Colorado Warns Ransomware Attack Caused Massive Data Breach
Managed File Transfer: Move Files Efficiently and Securely
Spanish Police Arrest 3 Suspected of Payment Card Fraud
Nigerian Man Admits to $1.3M Business Email Compromise Scam
Critical Bugs Found in PaperCut Allow RCE
Authorities Warn Health Sector of Attacks by Rhysida Group
The Future of Financial Crime Compliance: What's Next?
How AI Is Helping Banks Spot Scammers
Big Cyberespionage Attack Against Japan Attributed to China
Norway Threatens Meta With Fines for Ad Violations
Lawmaker Quizzes Google on 'Guardrails' for AI in Healthcare
Kyiv Cyber Defenders Spot Open-Source RAT in Phishing Emails
Why Do Cybersecurity Awareness Programs Often Fail?
UK Electoral Commission Suffered 'Complex' Hack in 2021
Rubrik Buys Startup Laminar to Unify Cyber Posture, Recovery
White House Debuts $20M Contest to Exterminate Bugs With AI
Northern Ireland Police at Risk After Serious Data Breach
Rapid7 Lays Off 18% of Employees Amid Shift to MDR Services
Finland and Norway Ban Yango's Data Transfer to Russia
Lawsuits Mounting Against Florida Hospital in Wake of Breach
Ukraine Fends Off Sandworm Battlefield Espionage Ploy
Managing Evolution, Shortcomings of Modern MDRs
US Restricts Investment in Chinese AI, Other Technologies
Law Enforcement Takes Down Phishing-as-a-Service Site
Threat Report: Ransomware Down, Targeted Attacks on the Rise
Cryptohack Roundup: Zero-Day Bugs in 15 Crypto Wallets
Northern Ireland Police Disclose Another Serious Data Breach
Check Point to Buy SSE, ZTNA Startup Perimeter 81 for $490M
Count of Organizations Affected by MOVEit Attacks Hits 637
Breach Roundup: SEC Fines 11 Orgs for Record-Keeping Failure
Proof of Concept: Managing Software Supply Chain Woes
Researchers Uncover 'Inception' Flaw in AMD CPUs
Strategies to Fight New Fraud and Money Laundering Schemes
Attackers Use EvilProxy to Target C-Suite Executives
ISMG Editors: The White House Drive to Secure Code With AI
How Firms Can Disclose Cyber Incidents While Staying Secure
Victim of Its Own Ransomware Success: LockBit Has Problems
German Intelligence Warns of Surge in Iranian Espionage
Honor Among Cybercriminals? Why a Canadian Firm Paid Ransom
Researchers Unveil Widespread Flaw In Industrial Systems
Protect AI Purchases Huntr to Extend Bug Bounties to AI, ML
'Bulletproof' LolekHosted Down Following Police Operation
African Electric Utility Targeted With DroxiDat Malware
Secureworks Lays Off Another 322 Staffers to Improve Margins
Data Theft Via MOVEit: 4.5 Million More Individuals Affected
Healthcare System Notifies 180,000 People 1 Year After Hack
Multiple Flaws Uncovered in Data Center Systems
Privacy Lessons From the NHS Lanarkshire WhatsApp Incident
Activist Investor Directs OneSpan to Pursue 'Immediate Sale'
Is Retail a Security Fail? Make Sure Your PoS is Not a POS
Ransomware Hit Disrupts Real Estate Property Listings in US
Law Firm Facing Lawsuit in Aftermath of Its Own Big Breach
Chinese Espionage Group Active Across Eastern Europe
Abnormal Snags Exabeam, Forescout CEO Mike DeCesare as Prez
On-Demand I CrowdStrike Falcon Complete Cloud Security Attack & Defend Demo
On-Demand | Falcon Cloud Security: Learn How to Stop Cloud Adversaries
OnDemand | Quick Wins! Securing your Environment Made Easy
OnDemand | How Zero Trust Accelerates Incident Response
More UK Police Suffer Freedom of Information Data Breach
How AI Can Help Mitigate BEC Scams
Patched Citrix NetScaler Devices Still Contain Backdoors
Advocate Aurora to Settle Web Tracker Claims for $12.25M
Federal Judge Inclined to Grant Claims in Meta Pixel Case
RiskLens, Axio Lead Cyber Risk Quantification Forrester Wave
German Police Warn of Increased Foreign Cybercrime Threat
Fake Out: Disinformation Campaigns Get Generative AI Boost
Play Ransomware Using MSPs and N-Days to Attack
How AI Can Help Reduce Third-Party Risks
Threat Activity Clusters: Defenders' Way to Fight Ransomware
Gen AI: Why Organizations Need to Weaponize the Weapon
Cybersecurity Struggles: The Midmarket's Complex Battle
Unveiling Security Automation: Perception vs. Reality
Navigating the Security Landscape of Generative AI
KillNet: The Next-Generation DDoS Group?
Beyond Transformation: Healthcare Takes on New Threats
Using AI to Find Novel Attacks - A 'Radical New Approach'
Why HHS Regulators Are Heavily Scrutinizing Web Tracker Use
Warning: Attackers Abusing Legitimate Internet Services
Keeping Assets Secure in the Quantum Era
Breach Roundup: Raccoon Stealer Makes a Comeback
Updated Best Practice Playbook for Healthcare Cyberthreats
Seamlessly Curate Software Packages Entering Your Organization
Cryptohack Roundup: Argentina Investigates WorldCoin
Securing Applications, Accelerating DevOps With Clean Code
Read the Fine Print: Top Cyber Insurance Considerations
Medical Device Makers Taking a New Approach to Cybersecurity
AI in Healthcare: Greatest Promises and Biggest Worries
How Entities Can Use Info-Sharing to Beat Cyber Adversaries
Raising the Regulatory Bar on Medical Device Cybersecurity
Palo Alto, Versa, Fortinet, Cato Command SASE Forrester Wave
Malware Is Turning Windows Machines Into Proxies
Convergence of Cyber and Physical Security for a Safer World
Bolstering Cybersecurity: Why Browser Security Is Crucial
Conquer Any Security Challenge With Next-Gen Solutions
The Shifting Dynamics of Cyber Insurance
CNAPPs Emerge as a Game Changer in Cloud Security
Evolving Cybersecurity: Embrace an Infinite Defense Strategy
North Korea Nabs $200M in Crypto Theft So Far In 2023
ISMG Editors: Lessons Learned From the Lapsus$ Crime Group
CrowdStrike, Google, Recorded Future Lead Threat Intel Wave
Mass Phishing Campaign Targets Zimbra Users Worldwide
BlackCat Ransomware Variant Incorporates Impacket, RemCom
Foreign Intelligence Entities Eyeing US Space Agencies
Why Ransomware Gangs Opt for Encryption-Less Attacks
Amid Economic Shifts, an Optimistic Future for Cybersecurity
Overcoming the Inertia of Assessing and Securing APIs
Zero Authority: Future of Security and Business Enablement
AI vs. Deepfake: Detecting, Disrupting and Defending
Why Managed File Transfer Products Are a Hacker's Paradise
The Hidden Benefits of Negotiating With Ransomware Attackers
The Role Generative AI Can Play in Threat Detection
US CISA Urges Security by Design for AI
UK Competition Regulator Clears Broadcom, VMware Merger
What CISOs Must Implement in Their First 90 Days on the Job
The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity Education
Securing the CISO: Navigating Liability and Investigations
The Dual Role of AI in Email Security
Tesla Sues 2 Former Employees Over Insider Data Breach
BlackCat Ransomware Group Targets Japanese Watchmaker Seiko
New Zero-Day Bug Affects All Versions of Ivanti Sentry
Monti Ransomware Deploying New Linux Encryptor
Cuba Ransomware Exploits Veeam Vulnerability
Speed Demons: Ransomware Attackers' Dwell Time Shrinks
On Demand | The evolution of complex threats: Defining a modern and sophisticated threat and what that means for your SOC
On Demand | With more data, comes more responsibility: The open nature of XDR and cross-domain telemetry
On Demand | The time for automation is now: How your attackers are using automation and why you need to get on board
The Evolving Landscape of Cloud Security
DDoS-for-Hire Services: Trends and Enforcement
Thinking of Deploying Generative AI? You May Already Have
How Generative AI Can Fill the Workforce Gap
Jury Finds 2 Teenagers Perpetrated Lapsus$ Group Hacks
MOVEit Health Data Breach Tally Keeps Growing
Threat Actor Targets Hong Kong With Korplug Backdoor
FBI Urges Immediate Removal of Hacked Barracuda ESG Devices
Russian Toolkit Aims to Make Online Scamming Easy for Anyone
Title Lender TMX Now Says Payment Card Data Stolen in Breach
Trojanized Advertisements: Russian Hackers' New Move
Shifting Cybersecurity: The Impact and Implications of LLMs
SASE Integration Amid the Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape
The Third-Party Realm: Where the Risk Is
Cryptohack Roundup: Tornado Cash in the Eye of the Storm
Mississippi Hospital System Still Struggling With Attack
Breach Roundup: Rhysida Ransom Gang Cops to Hospital Hacks
Scarab Ransomware Deployed Using SpaceColon Toolkit
How Ransomware Groups Respond to External Pressure
Advanced Malware: Why AI Can't Help All Hackers
Victims Sue Financial Firms Over MOVEit Data Breaches
Cybersecurity Evolution: The Past, Present and Future
Training LLMs on Private Data for Higher Accuracy
The Silent Threat: Negligent Users in SaaS Cybersecurity
Feds Seek Innovative Tech Ideas for Health Sector Security
Spain to Launch Europe's First AI Regulatory Agency
UnitedHealthcare Fined $80K for 6-Month Records Access Delay
Chinese State Hackers 'Flax Typhoon' Targeting Taiwan
ISMG Editors: The Shifting Cyber Insurance Landscape
Lazarus Group Debuts Tiny Trojan for Espionage Attacks
SmokeLoader Trojan Deploys Location-Tracking Malware
Met Police Officers at Risk After Serious Data Breach
Zero Trust Adoption in Government: Challenges and Strategies
Ransomware Evolution: Smaller Actors, Bigger Impact
The Role of 2-Factor Authentication in Developer Security
The Rising Tide of Identity-Based Attacks
Securing IoT and OT Devices Amid Ransomware Threats
Crypto Investor Data Stolen From Kroll in SIM Swap
Cyber Info-Sharing Guide for Healthcare Sector Updated
Operation 'Duck Hunt' Dismantles Qakbot
Ransomware Attack Specialist Tied to Citrix NetScaler Hacks
Midwest Hospital Group Experiencing Systemwide IT Outage
Chinese Hackers Anticipated Barracuda ESG Patch
US Aids Costa Rican Post-Hack Push for Robust SOC, Secure 5G
New Android Banking Trojan Targets Southeast Asia Region
France's CNIL Calls for Cybersecurity Recommendations
SailPoint to Buy Privileged Access Vendor Osirium for $8.3M
Sophos on the State of Ransomware
Facebook Links Massive Disinformation Operation to China
CrowdStrike CEO: Point Product Vendors Are Being Left Behind
What New SEC Reporting Rules Mean for Less-Regulated Firms
Cryptohack Roundup: Cypher Comp Plan
Five Eyes Fingers Moscow in Ukrainian Android Hacking
Malwarebytes Cuts Staff, will Split Consumer, Corporate Arms
Insulin App Maker Faces Privacy Lawsuit for Web Tracker Use
Breach Roundup: Chinese Hackers Breach Japanese Cyber Agency
Proof of Concept: Securing Digital Government Services
UK Lawmakers Call for Swift Adoption of AI Policy
SentinelOne CEO on Wiz M&A: 'Pure Speculation on Their Part'
Chinese APT Uses Fake Messenger Apps to Spy on Android Users
Experts Urge Immediate Juniper Firewall and Switch Patching
Gamaredon Hackers Amplified Hacks Amid Kyiv Counteroffensive
'Earth Estries' APT Hackers Are Cyberespionage Pros
ISMG Editors: Identity Security Special
Tech Companies on Precipice of UK Online Safety Bill
Battery Ventures Buys GrammaTech's Application Security Unit
UK Cyber Agency Warns of Prompt Injection Attacks in AI
Hackers Adding More Capabilities to Open-Source Malware
Mitigating AI Risks: UK Calls for Robust Guardrails
LockBit Breaches Fence Manufacturer
IronNet Furloughs Almost All Employees, Curtails Operations
Proactively Prepare for AI Regulation: Report
Feds Publicly Name 130 Healthcare Firms Using Web Trackers
Official Slams Aussie Firms for Data Breach Reporting Delays
EU Artificial Intelligence Act Not a Panacea for AI Risk
APT28 Spear-Phishes Ukrainian Critical Energy Facility
Zscaler Data Security Platform Takes on Symantec, CASB Tools
How Banks Can Address First-Party Lending Fraud
View to a Phish: W3LL Specializes in Microsoft 365 Hacking
Just Kids Dental Says Nearly 130K People Affected by Attack
Netskope Buys Digital Experience Management Startup Kadiska
UK Government Seeks to Dispel Encryption Concerns
Generative AI Warnings Contain Their Own Dangers
Check Point Buys Startup Atmosec to Secure SaaS Applications
Hackers Exploit Multiple Bugs in Hotel Booking Platform
Tenable to Buy Startup Ermetic for $265M to Safeguard Clouds
Cryptohack Roundup: Tornado Cash, Privacy Pools
US, UK Sanction 11 Russian Cybercriminals Tied to TrickBot
Experts Probe AI Risks Around Malicious Use, China Influence
California Executive Order Hopes to Ensure 'Trustworthy AI'
Trail of Errors Led to Chinese Hack of Microsoft Cloud Email
Auto Lending Industry Is New Frontier for Synthetic ID Fraud
Feds Urge Immediate Patching of Zoho and Fortinet Products
CEO Gil Shwed on Why Check Point Decided to Buy Perimeter 81
Cyber Fail: More Bumbling Cybercrooks, Avoidable Breaches
Certa Raises $35M to Bring AI to Third-Party Risk Management
Apple Fixes Zero-Click Bugs Exploited by NSO Group's Spyware
ISMG Editors: Reasons to Cheer About Cybersecurity Market
Zero Trust Unleashed: Keeping Government Secrets Safer Than the Crown Jewels
Netcraft Buys FraudWatch to Boost Cybercrime Takedown Skills
Norway Court Upholds Temporary Ban of Behavioral Ads on Meta
Chasing Ghosts: Automating Malware Triage to Reduce EDR False Positives
DarkGate Malware Operators on a Phishing Spree
Judge Gives Green Light to Meta Pixel Web Tracker Lawsuit
Ransomware: It Takes A Village, Says NCSC
Kubernetes Advises Users to Patch Command Injection Flaws
Feds Fine LA Health Plan $1.3M for 'Systemic' HIPAA Issues
IBM, Nvidia, Others Commit to Develop 'Trustworthy' AI
Iranian Hackers 'Ballistic Bobcat' Deploy New Backdoor
US Lawmakers Warned That AI Needs a 'Safety Brake'
Google Fixes Chrome Zero-Day Exploited in the Wild
Big MGM Resorts Outage Traces to Ransomware, Researchers Say
EU Chief Announces Plans to Boost AI Development
US Federal Agencies Urge Firms to Prepare for Deepfakes
Microsoft Patches Fix Word and Streaming Services Zero-Days
Feds Warn Healthcare Sector of Akira Ransomware Threats
Chinese APT41 Implicated in Asian National Power Grid Hack
DOD Cyber Strategy Aims to Disrupt Hackers, Deepen Ally Work
Caesars Entertainment Reportedly Pays Ransom to Attackers
LokiBot Information Stealer Packs Fresh Infection Strategies
Greater Manchester Police Caught Up in Ransomware Hack
Cryptohack Roundup: Vitalik Buterin's Social Media Hacked
China Denies Banning Government Use of Apple iPhones
US Senator Seeks Input on Ways to Protect Patient Privacy
Breach Roundup: Pegasus on Exiled Russian Journalist's Phone
How the US Government Views the Bright, Dark Sides of AI
TikTok Fined 345 Million Euros by Irish Privacy Watchdog
Caesars Confirms Ransomware Payoff and Customer Data Breach
Simplicity and Maturity Meet Cloud Security
Lessons to Learn From Clop's MOVEit Supply Chain Attacks
The Evolution of Online Fraud in 2023 and Best Practices to Plug the Gaps
Iranian Hackers Gain Sophistication, Microsoft Warns
ISMG Editors: Are Frequently Used Usernames a Security Risk?
UNC3944 Is Now Deploying Ransomware Variants
Dragos Raises $74M to Advance OT Protection in Europe, Asia
Cybersecurity Trends in 2023: Modernizing Security Operations
Better Defense Against Identity Theft and Application Fraud
How Can FedNow Recruit More US Banks? Lessons From Brazil
US DHS Announces New AI Guardrails
Nuance Notifying 14 NC Healthcare Clients of MOVEit Hacks
Sift, LexisNexis Top Digital Fraud Management Forrester Wave
TransUnion Involved in Potential Hacking Incident - UPDATED
Australian Law Firm Hack Affected 65 Government Agencies
CrowdStrike to Buy AppSec Startup Bionic for Reported $350M
Cyber Experts Urge House Committee to Avoid Federal Shutdown
Expert: Keep Calm, Avoid Overhyping China's AI Capabilities
ISMG Editors: London Summit - AI Tech and Incident Response
Don't Let AI Frenzy Lead to Overlooking Security Risks
WatchGuard Buys CyGlass to Bring NDR to Midmarket Customers
Feds Warn Health Sector of Lazarus Group Attacks
Financially Motivated Hacks by Chinese-Speaking Actors Surge