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Microsoft, IBM, Splunk Dominate SIEM Gartner Magic Quadrant
Fallout From Medibank Hack Grows
Final Twilio Smishing Victim Count Reaches 209
Espionage Hackers Use Microsoft IIS to Plant Malware
North Korea Disguising Android Malware as Legitimate Apps
A Beginner's Guide to SOAR - How to Automate 5 Security Processes in Under 30 Minutes
Building Cyber Resiliency Through Better Detection, Investigation, and Remediation
Tech Talks - Security Edition: Ready, Set, SOAR - Leveling Up Your Playbook with Utility Apps
Splunk Detections - Malicious Payloads and Destructive Software
Honeywell's James DeLuccia on Product Security vs IT Defense
Splunk and Zscaler Utilize Data and Zero Trust to Eradicate Threats
Turn Data into Doing with Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud
Second Health Entity Reports Breach Tied to Meta Pixel Use
Cyberattack Hits German Copper Manufacturing Giant
OnDemand CISO Summit: How to Make Cybersecurity Your Competitive Advantage
Why Ransomware is Moving Towards Data Destruction
New Ordr CEO Jim Hyman Chases More Go-To-Market Partnerships
Not Heartbleed: OpenSSL Vulnerability Not 'Critical' Anymore
Healthcare Sector Urged to Address OpenSSL Flaws
Ransomware Attacks Pose Biggest Threat to UK Organizations
White House Ransomware Confab Ends With Data-Sharing Pledge
Aaron's CISO on Forging Strong C-Suite Relationships
Profiles in Leadership: Michael Owens
Human Takes on Media Malvertising With Acquisition
How 'Recognized Security Practices' Fit with HIPAA Actions
Oreo Maker Settles With Insurer Over NotPetya Damages Claim
Ransomware Attack Disrupts Japanese Hospital for 2nd Day
More State-Sponsored OT Hacking to Come, Says ENISA
Smooth 'Opera1er': French-Speaking Gang Steals $11 Million
Cybersecurity Is Patient Safety, Says US Senator
Startup Apiiro Raises $100M to Secure Software Supply Chain
UK NCSC Says Friendly Spooks Scanning British Internet
Dropbox Data Breach Another Multifactor Fail
Palo Alto, Fortinet, Check Point Top Firewall Forrester Wave
A Case Study in API Security for AppSec Developers
Fortra: New Name, Renewed Cybersecurity Mission
Vendor Hack Tied to 20 Anesthesiology Practice Breaches
SolarWinds May Face SEC Investigation Over Hack Disclosure
ISMG Editors: How the Ransomware Ecosystem Is Fracturing
LockBit Claims Attack on German Auto Parts Giant Continental
Cyberattack at Boeing Disrupts Flight Planning
Sexual Assault, Abuse Victims' Data at Risk in Australia
Phishing-as-a-Service Platform Offers MFA Bypass for $1,500
Medibank Says No to Paying Hacker's Extortion Demand
Why Today's Cyber Defense Requires Offensive Thinking
Basics Will Block Most Ransomware Hits, Says UK Cyber Chief
Using Student Data for Gambling Apps Is Bad, Says UK ICO
Aveanna Healthcare Data Breach Could Cost Firm More Than $1M
Protecting Unsecured SAP Deployments
FortiGuard Labs: 2023 Threat Landscape Insights
Feds Announce Silk Road Cryptocurrency Haul
Make Way for an Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem
China Likely Amasses 0-Days Via Vulnerability Disclosure Law
Feds Warn of Iranian Threats to Healthcare Sector
EU Complicit in Spread of Advanced Spyware, Charges Veld
Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Data Security
Microsoft Patches ProxyNotShell Exchange Vulnerabilities
Could a Digital Red Cross Protect Hospitals From Ransomware?
IT Army of Ukraine Targets Russian Banks
Twitter Ramps Up Regulatory Exposure After Loss of CISO
Federal Judge Skeptical of Facebook in Patient Privacy Suit
Accused LockBit Ransomware Operator Arrested in Canada
Rising Above the Data Poverty Line in Customer Identity Tech
Should Banks Be Held Liable for Authorized Fraud?
Australia Blames Russian Hackers for Medibank Hack
ISMG Editors: $3B Crypto Seizure Shows Blockchain's Security
Texas Hospital Says Ransomware Breach Affected 500,000
Ukrainian Cyber Police Bust Fake Investing Ring
LockBit Releases Thales Group Documents
Graphus' Amelia Paro on Why Phishing Has Exploded Since 2020
SolarWinds CEO on How to Secure the Software Build Process
Hospital CISO on Why Hackers Pursue Research, Pediatric Data
Risk-Based Authentication with Duo
'Unauthorized Transactions' Lead to Missing Funds at FTX
Anesthesiology Services Firm Faces 5 Class Action Lawsuits
Russian Hackers Target Ukraine With Malicious Encryption
Pro-Moscow Nuisance Hackers Claim DDoS Attack on FBI Website
Snyk Engineer on the Rift Between Developers, Security Teams
FDA Updates Medical Device Cyber Response Playbook
Twitter Two-Factor Authentication Has a Vulnerability - UPDATED
Arrest of Ukrainian in Cybercrime Case Shows Patience Pays
US FTC Delays Safeguards Rule Deadlines by 6 Months
Ransomware Attackers Don't Take Holidays
Simplifying Implementation of a Zero Trust Architecture
Qatar's World Cup Apps Pose Privacy Concerns
Misconfigured Server Exposed PHI of 600,000 Inmates
ExtraHop Taps Ex-Check Point Exec Chris Scanlan as President
Iranian Hacker Group Uses Log4Shell to Cryptojack US Agency
Palo Alto Networks to Buy Startup Cider Security for $250M
Discord Fined by French CNIL for GDPR Violations
TPRM, ESG, Risk Quantification: What CISOs Need to Know
HHS Needs to Modernize Its Cyber Approach: Watchdog Agency
Australia Unveils Plan to Counter Global Cybercrime Problem
Piedmont CISO on Protecting Hospitals in the Age of COVID-19
Ransomware-as-a-Service Market Now Highly Specialized
Securing the Open Door on Your Endpoints
Feds Alert Healthcare, Other Sectors of Growing Hive Threats
ID Agent's Amelia Paro on Why Tech Alone Can't Protect Email
PCI Releases New Payment Standards for Mobile Devices
DOJ Charges 10 With BEC Targeting Federal Health Program
Healthcare Data Breaches Doubled in 3 Years: Here's Why
Stanton Gatewood on Why FUD Doesn't Make Businesses Secure
Amazon to Shut Down Controversial Encrypted Messaging App
Central Depository Attack Delays Trade Settlement in India
Chinese APT Using Google Drive, Dropbox to Drop Malware
5 Hospital Workers Charged with Selling Patient Information
RSA CEO Rohit Ghai on Authenticating Users to Mobile Devices
Authorized Payment Scams: Why Banks Are So Slow to Respond
Australian Children's Charity Breach Affects 80,000 Donors
LockBit 3.0 Says It's Holding a Canadian City for Ransom
Safeguard Brand and Consumer Trust with Account Integrity
ReliaQuest CEO Brian Murphy on Joining SecOps, Threat Intel
Broadcom-VMware Merger Faces European Regulatory Hurdles
AGs Urge Apple to Tighten Health Privacy, Security in Apps
A Look Ahead: Lisa Sotto's Privacy, Security Outlook in 2023
Black Basta Using QBot Malware to Target US-Based Companies
AxLocker Ransomware Adds a Twist: Stealing Discord Tokens
Rising Above the Cybersecurity Poverty Line
Cybersecurity: How to Manage Business Risk
DOJ Closes Pig-Butchering Domains Tied to Crypto Scams
Russian KillNet Shuts Down EU Parliament Website With DDoS
Russian Hackers Now Offering Stealer as a Service
Tata Power Attack Linked to Bug in Nearly 20-Year-Old Server
Essential Aerospace and Defense Software Security Practices
RegScale Buys GovReady to Simplify Compliance for the Masses
Lorenz Ransomware Alert: Risk to Healthcare, Public Sector
Cyber-Mercenaries Target Android Users with Fake VPN Apps
ISMG Editors: The Rise of Info-Stealing Malware
Ontario Teachers’ Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack
Cyber Resilience Minimizes Risks for Digital Services
SharkBot Trojan Spread Via Android File Manager Apps
Cybercrime Forum Dumps Stolen Details on 5.4M Twitter Users
Why Are HIPAA Fines Down 93% - With Data Breaches Soaring?
Greater Toronto School Offline Following 'Cyber Incident'
UK Online Safety Bill Harms Privacy & Security, Experts Say
Indiana Health Entity Reports Breach Involving Tracking Code
Meta Fined by Irish Privacy Regulator for GDPR Violations
Cybersecurity Stigma: More Victims Avoid Saying 'Ransomware'
Veracode CEO Sam King on Joining AppSec, Container Security
TSA Plans Cyber Risk Regulation for Pipeline and Rail Sector
Email as a Threat Vector in 2023
'Tis the Season: Ransomware Awareness for the Holidays
HHS Rule to Ease Record Sharing, Guard Substance Abuse Data
UK Companies Fear Reporting Cyber Incidents, Parliament Told
CrowdStrike Sales Growth Slows as SMB Clients Delay Spending
A Look Ahead: John Kindervag's Zero Trust Outlook for 2023
A Look Ahead: David Pollino on Evolution of the CISO Role
Solving the Challenge of Hyper-Distributed Users and Apps
A Look Ahead: Troy Leach's Predictions and Trends for 2023
UK Court Orders Crypto Firms to Share Data to Track Thieves
How to Carry Out a Crypto Heist - Part 1
Brooklyn Hospitals Decried for Silence on Cyber Incident
Open Systems Buys Tiberium to Automate Security on Microsoft
Acer Fixes Bugs That Enable Attackers to Bypass Secure Boot
Okta Clears Up Customer Identity Confusion as SMB Sales Dip
Ransom Realpolitik: Paying for Data Deletion Is for Suckers
Most Healthcare Ransomware Hits Include Patient Data Theft
LastPass Breach Exposes Customer Data
Elastic Lays Off Nearly 400 Employees as SMB Spend Dwindles
HHS: Web Trackers in Patient Portals Violate HIPAA
Medibank Hackers Dump Stolen Data on the Dark Web
Zscaler CEO: 'Uncertainty Can Act as a Catalyst for Change'
Protecting Healthcare Against Ransomware: Essential Defenses
Clumio CEO on Why AWS S3 Buckets Pose a Giant Security Risk
ISMG Editors: Twitter Breach May Be Worse Than Advertised
Use Obfuscation, Monitoring and RASP to Deepen DevSecOps
Beware of Your Medical Partners, Suppliers: Breaches Up 102%
Top Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers
OneSpan CEO on Joining Identity Verification and e-Signature
Hacked: What's the Next Step for Web3 Companies? - Part 2
Tories: Firms Should Pay More for Cybersecurity Regulation
Pediatric EMR Vendor Hack Affects 2.2 Million
How Deepfakes and Misinformation Attacks Threaten Healthcare
Cuba Ransomware Targeting Critical Infrastructure, Feds Warn
New Zealand Health Insurer Investigates IT Provider Hack
Rackspace Hosted Exchange Still Offline Over Security Issue
How to Predict New Account Risk
Securonix Taps Ivanti, BMC, SAP Vet Nayaki Nayyar as New CEO
Fresh CryWiper Wiper Malware Aims to Destroy Russian Data
Hacked French Hospital Suspends Emergency Operations
Snyk's Iain Rose on How to Secure Cloud-Native Environments
Profiles in Leadership: Shannon Lawson
Microsoft Warns of Growing Russian Digital Threats to Europe
US Prosecutors Unspool xDedic Criminal Marketplace Cases
Rackspace Confirms Exchange Outage Caused by Ransomware
Aqua CEO on Why Cloud-Native Apps Need Supply Chain Security
Ransomware Attack in New Zealand Has Cascading Effects
SentinelOne Pushes Upmarket to Minimize Effects of Slowdown
As Complexity Challenges Security, Is Time the Solution?
Social Engineering Hackers Use Excel to Target Crypto VIPs
Dean Sysman on How Axonius Does Asset Management Differently
Profiles in Leadership: Ty Howard
Legacy Apps at UK Agency Create Cyber Risk, Warns Watchdog
Peter Bauer on Charting Mimecast's New Course Under Permira
Apple to Enable End-to-End Encryption of iCloud Backups
CommonSpirit: Patients' Data Breached in Ransomware Attack
North Korean Hackers Look to Internet Explorer Zero-Days
CloudSEK Pins Blame for Hack on Other Cybersecurity Firm
Cybersecurity Pros: Fresh Challenges Face 'Next Generation'
2023: Addressing the CISO's Many Challenges
Advance Your Security Awareness Training Program: Research Results Analysis
Akamai CEO on How Guardicore Prevents the Spread of Malware
Novel Botnet Dubbed 'Zerobot' Targets Slew of IoT Devices
Fearlessly Forward: Endpoint Privilege Management
Fearlessly Forward: Access Management
Fearlessly Forward: Identity Security Introduction
One Brooklyn Health Not Over November Cyber Incident
DOD Awards $9B Contract to Top 3 Cloud Providers and Oracle
Mobile Security Vendor Approov Hires New CEO to Expand in US
Report: Outsourced HR Firm Sequoia One Undergoes Data Breach
Hive Ransomware Group Leaks Data From European Retailer
Ransomware-Wielding Criminals Increasingly Hit Healthcare
Avoiding Roadblocks on the Path to Cybersecurity Maturity
Hydra Aftermath: Where Do Criminals Lurk Now?
UK Government Rolls Out Security Guidance for Mobile Apps
ISMG Editors: How Will the Role of CISO Evolve in 2023?
Claroty CEO Yaniv Vardi on the Need to Guard Medical Devices
US Law Enforcement Arrests 4 for Business Email Compromise
Australia Aims to Be World's 'Most Cyber-Secure' Country
Rackspace Warns of Phishing Attempts Post-Ransomware
Australian Telecom Firm Leaks Data of 130,000 Customers
Royal Ransomware Hitting Healthcare Targets and Dumping Data
Profiles in Leadership: Mike Manrod
Proofpoint to Buy Deception Firm Illusive, Boost Offerings
CommonSpirit Ransomware Breach Affects About 624,000 So Far
Ngrok Raises $50M to Drive App Authentication, Observability
Feds Clarify Mobile Health App Privacy, Security Reg Issues
Uber Says Third Party Responsible for Latest Breach
Snyk Raises $196.5M Weeks After Laying Off 14% of Workforce
Embattled FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested in Bahamas
Skyhigh Security CEO on Taking a Data-First Approach to SSE
Irish Healthcare Ransomware Hack Cost Over 80 Million Euros
LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Threatens Health Sector, Feds Warn
DNS Is Conduit Into Air-Gapped Networks, Say Researchers
Sam Bankman-Fried's Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day
Zero Trust: How to Know What Your Crown Jewels Are
Palo Alto CEO: 'SIEM Needs to Be Eliminated and Replaced'
How Criminals Extort Healthcare Victims With Ransomware
New AI Bot Could Take Phishing, Malware to a Whole New Level
Dental Practice Hit With HIPAA Fine for Posting PHI on Yelp
Microsoft Patches Zero-Day Magniber Ransomware Hackers Used
Hacker Reportedly Breaches US FBI Cybersecurity Forum
US Prosecutors Charge 6 With Offering DDoS for Sale
Medical Practice Pays $20K to Settle 'Right of Access' Case
Australian Telecom Giant TPG Discloses Email Hack
ISMG Editors: Payments Special
Why is DDoS still a problem, and what do we need to do about it?
Synack CEO Jay Kaplan on Doing Adversarial Pen Tests of APIs
How CISOs Can Guard Against Their Own Liability
BEC, Platform Attacks, and Securing the Email Channel
Subcontractor Breach Affects 245K Medicare Beneficiaries
Dave Merkel on Why MDR Firm Expel Sought More Money in 2022
IronNet Nearly Insolvent; Board to Probe Claims of Deception
Co-Founder of OneCoin Cryptocurrency Scam Pleads Guilty
Opswat CEO on the Malware Crippling Critical Infrastructure
Fortnite Maker Epic Pays $520M to Settle FTC Allegations
Healthcare: Essential Defenses for Combating Ransomware
Chinese Hackers Exploit Citrix Vulnerabilities
Microsoft Vulnerability Upgraded to Critical Due to RCE Risk
Phishing Targets Ukrainian Battlefield Awareness Tool Users
Data Management in Multi-Cloud Environments
CEO Durand on What Thoma Bravo's Buy Means for Ping Identity
Risk-Based Security: What to Look for in an MDR Provider
A Look Ahead: Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2023
Insights on the State of Security and Data
Let's Talk Security Observability
Expert Gives Another Reason to Fear the Phish: Smart AI Bots
Russian Hackers Targeted Oil Refinery Firm in NATO Country
Sysdig CEO on How Open Source Fuels Cloud, Container Defense
Hack on a Services Firm's Vendor Affects 271,000 Patients
Ransomware 2023: Attack Trends and Recovery
EU-US Data Privacy Framework in Activist's Crosshairs
Acronis CEO on Why Service Providers Must Host Data Locally
Financial Services Was Among Most-Breached Sectors in 2022
Ukraine Takes Down Domestic Pro-Kremlin Bot Farms
Johnson & Johnson CISO Marene Allison to Retire
Hearst CIO Atti Riazi on AI, Technology Innovation
White House Cyber Director Chris Inglis to Step Down
Godfather Android Banking Trojan Steals Through Mimicry
Zelenskyy Makes Case for Ukraine Support in Washington Trip
Guardian Ransomware Attack May Presage Holiday Blitzkrieg
FTX Probe: Founder Extradited; 2 Executives Plead Guilty
Giving Patients Easy Access to Health Info: A Balancing Act
Why Hackers Are Going 'Downmarket' in Their Attacks
How Poor Vendor Practices Lead to Major Health Data Breaches
How Incentives Could Help Fuel Healthcare Cyber Investment
Most Disturbing Health Data Breach Developments
Are Data Breach Class Action Lawsuits Protecting Patients?
Okta's GitHub Repository Hacked; Code Stolen, Customers Safe
UK Moves to 'Name and Shame' Firms for Complaints, Breaches
OneTrust CEO on Regulatory, Automation Issues and Privacy
France Fines Microsoft Ireland 60M Euros Over Bing Cookies
Redefining Cloud Email Security to Protect Against All Attack Types
Medical Device Security Provision Now Part of Spending Bill
Judge Denies Motion to Stop Health Data Scraping by Meta
Why MFA Can't Combat Growing Info Stealer Malware Attacks
Splunk, Elastic, Microsoft Top Security Analytics: Forrester
ISMG Editors: Why Zero Trust Isn't the Answer to Everything
LastPass Breach: Attacker Stole Encrypted Password Vaults
OnDemand I IoT infrastructure and Retail Operations Fireside Chat I AMPOL
On Demand I What's New in Zero Trust
OnDemand I Deploy and Scale SASE in the Hybrid Cloud World
Re-hosting, Re-platforming, and Re-factoring: Strategies for Moving Applications to the Cloud
Rate of Compromised Accounts up 300% in 3 Years!
6 Critical Capabilities for an Application GRC Solution
Christopher Ahlberg on Recorded Future's Work to Aid Ukraine
Biden Signs Law to Safeguard IT Against Quantum Computing
Belgian Bank Suspects Data Leak Traces to Ex-Employee
Commvault, Rubrik, Cohesity Lead Data Resilience: Forrester
Hacker Claims to Have Scraped 400M Twitter User Records
North Korean Hackers Steal NFTs via Phishing Websites
Linux Critical Kernel-Level Bug Affects SMB Servers
Zoom CISO's 2023 Cybersecurity Predictions
Hackers Steal Power Utility Customer Data
Ohio Supreme Court Says Ransomware Is Not Physical Damage
US Department of Justice Reportedly Investigates FTX Hack
FTX Customers Sue Sam Bankman-Fried, Seeking Asset Recovery
Mango Markets Hacker Charged with Fraud, Market Manipulation
North Korean Cyberattacks Target South Korean Policy Experts
BlueNoroff Hackers Mimic Banks, Bypass Windows Protection
Meta Seeks $725 Million Settlement Over Cambridge Analytica
Children's Hospital Expects Weekslong Ransomware Recovery
Ukraine Successfully Blocked Over 4,500 Cyberattacks in 2022
Why Governments Should Give Incentives for Collaboration
As Twitter Downplays Outage, Security Concerns Persist
Hive Ransomware Hits Louisiana Hospitals, Leaks Patient Data
Fraud School Webinar: Account Takeover is a Team Sport
Indian Railways Says It's Not Source of Alleged Data Breach
ISMG Editors Panel: Looking Back on 2022
Ukraine: Russian Hackers' Focus Is Civilian Infrastructure
Scripps Health Reaches $3.5 Million Data Breach Settlement
Quarterly Threat Report: The Risk of MFA Fatigue
Bahamian Regulator Controls FTX Digital Assets Worth $3.5B
Why a 'Paradigm Shift' is Required in the SOC
Flaws in Citrix Servers; Netgear Issues Critical Advisory
Malaysian Agencies Investigate Alleged Breach Affecting 13M
Poland Sounds Alarm on Russian Hacking
Toronto Hospital Gauges Whether to Use LockBit Decryptor
Sam Bankman-Fried Pleads 'Not Guilty' in Criminal Case
Senior Healthcare Firm Pays Breach Settlement to States
Regulators Warn Banks of Digital Asset Risks
BlackCat Spoofs Victim Website to Leak Stolen Data
Rackspace Blames Zero-Day Exploit for Ransomware Hit Success
US Attorney's Office Task Force to Trace Missing FTX Funds
Guardian Newspaper Offices Still Empty After December Attack
Optimal Strategies for Building Better Collective Defenses
Wabtec Discloses Data Breach; LockBit Claims Responsibility
Report: Airbus Eyes Minority Stake in Atos Security Business
CEO Matthew Prince on Why Cloudflare Got Into Email Security
Cyberattack on Records Vendor Affects Scores of US Counties
Irish Privacy Watchdog Fines Meta 390 Million Euros for Ads
Leaked Emails of 200M Twitter Users Now Available for Free
Data Breach: CircleCI Says Immediately 'Rotate Your Secrets'
Finding and Managing the Risk in your IT Estate: A Comprehensive Overview
Netskope Gets $401M in Debt From Morgan Stanley to Fuel SASE
Apple Fined 8 Million Euros for Privacy Violations in France
Lab Fined $16K for Long Delay in Providing Patient Records
FTC Wants Data Broker's Lawsuit Dismissed in Privacy Dispute
Lawsuit Claims LastPass Breach Caused $53K Bitcoin Theft
CEO Amit Bareket on Perimeter 81's Push to Unify ZTNA & SWG
AML, Cybersecurity Noncompliance Costs Coinbase $100M
Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Luxury Cars Now Fixed
Expect Hacking, Phishing After Leak of 200M Twitter Records
Rackspace Finds Ransomware Group Accessed 27 Customers' Data
ISMG Editors: The Complexity of Rackspace Zero-Day Attack
Nozomi CEO on Building Bonds With Industrial Control Vendors
Texas County EMS Agency Says Ransomware Breach Hit 612,000
CEO Dibrov on Armis' Play in Asset Vulnerability Management
Women's Health Clinic Suffers Breach in Ransomware Attack
Blind Eagle APT Hunts Banking Victims in Colombia, Ecuador
NFT Developer Charged in $2.9 Million Fraud Scheme
UN to Hold Hearing on Proposed Cybercrime Treaty
Check Fraud, First-Party Fraud to Rise in 2023
Regulator Eyes Revamped Data Breach Reporting Requirements
Steps to Strengthen Cloud Security
NetSPI Doubles Down on Pen Testing With nVisium Acquisition
Mastering the Art of Attack Surface Management
ChatGPT Showcases Promise of AI in Developing Malware
Colonoscopy Prep Retail Website Breach Festered for Years
Network Security Firm Tufin Promotes Raymond Brancato to CEO
Hive Claims Responsibility for Attack on Nursing Home Chain
Analysis: Third-Party Health Data Breaches Dominated in 2022
Misconfigured PostgreSQL Used to Target Kubernetes Clusters
Secure Access Vendor Appgate Promotes CISO Leo Taddeo to CEO
Mango Markets Hacker in US Regulator's Crosshairs
Danish Banks Are Targets of Pro-Russian DDoS Hacking Group
Microsoft's First 2023 Patch Tuesday Fixes 0-Day, 98 Vulns
MSP Simeio Boosts SailPoint Skills With PathMaker Group Buy
Aflac, Zurich Policyholders in Japan Affected by Data Leaks
The Guardian Says Hackers Accessed UK Employee Data
Cerberus Sentinel Broadens South American Footprint With M&A
Ransomware Group Behind Victoria Fire Department Outage
US and Japan Pledge Deepened Cyberspace Collaboration
Hack The Box Raises $55M to Bolster Cyber Training Platform
Gootkit Malware Found Targeting Australian Healthcare Sector
SailPoint Buys SecZetta to Safeguard Non-Employee Identities
LockBit Ransomware Group Reportedly Behind Royal Mail Attack
Stu Sjouwerman on What Vista Equity's Buy Means for KnowBe4
ISMG Editors: Impact of Fragmented Russian Darknet Market
Contrast CEO on Why It's Tough to Guard Open-Source Software
Preparing for the 'Fifth Generation of Ransomware'
French CNIL Fines TikTok 5 Million Euros for Cookie Policies
Sift Snags Former Ping Identity COO Kris Nagel as New Leader
Medical Imaging Firm Faces 2 Class Actions in 2022 Breach
Patched Chromium Vulnerability Allowed File Theft
Meta Sues Scraping-for-Hire Provider, Closes 60,000 Accounts
How FIDO2 Can Streamline Passwordless Tech, Account Recovery
Phishing 101: How to Not Fall for a Phishing Attack
Hypr CEO Bojan Simic on Bringing Passwordless to Edge Cases
Ransomware Attack Affects 1,000 Vessels Worldwide
New Technologies to Tackle Authorized Payment, Zelle Scams
Attacks on 2 Specialty Care Providers Affect Nearly 600,000
Norton Password Manager Accounts at Risk After Attack
Rapid7 CEO Corey Thomas on Targeting Phishing Infrastructure
LockBit Ransomware Group's Big Liability: 'Ego-Driven CEO'
CEO Lior Div on Cybereason's 'Massive Investment' Around XDR
Microsoft Exec on Why FIDO Authentication Beats Certificates
Privacy Fines: GDPR Sanctions Last Year Surged to $3 Billion
Australian Law Firms Cooperate in Medibank Litigation
Jeremy Grant: Why the US Government Embraced FIDO Standards
BlackCat, Royal Among Most Worrisome Threats to Healthcare
'Hack the Pentagon' Hackers Will Literally Hack the Pentagon
Profiles in Leadership: Aleksandr Zhuk
Ransomware Picture: Volume of Known Attacks Remains Constant
Sophos to Lay Off 10% of Workers Amid Shift to MDR Services
Forter Acquires Startup Immue to Spot Malicious Bots Earlier
Crypto Exchange Founder Charged With Enabling Illegal Funds
Ukraine: Russians Aim to Destroy Information Infrastructure
Health Entities Should Vet Risks of ChatGPT Use
Ransomware Remains Top Cyberthreat, Former NCSC Chief Says
BitSight CEO on Going From Security Ratings to Managing Risk
Royal Mail Starts Limited Delivery Abroad After Cyberattack
PayPal Accounts Succumb to Credential Stuffing Attack
Chinese APT Targets Iranian Government Organizations
Fortinet, Microsoft Address Cloud Security, Connectivity
Managing the Risk of Ransomware in the Digital Supply Chain
VA Hospital 'High-Risk' Vulnerability Unaddressed for Years
BlueVoyant CEO on How to Remediate Supply Chain Defense Bugs
BitKeep to Reimburse Hacking Victims by March
T-Mobile Says Hackers Stole Data of 37 Million Customers
Hostile Takeover: Kraken Hacks Rival Darknet Market Solaris
eSentire CEO Kerry Bailey on Using XDR to Cut Business Risk
FAA Says No Evidence of Cyberattack in NOTAM Outage
Optiv CEO Kevin Lynch on Getting Value Via Unstructured Data
Fortinet VPN Flaw Shows Pitfalls of Security Appliances
ISMG Editors: Why Is LockBit Ransomware Group So Prolific?
Chinese Group Targeting Vulnerable Cloud Providers, Apps
Profiles in Leadership: Matanda Doss
Arvind Parthasarathi Launches Cygnvs Cyber Crisis Platform
Australia Initiates Global Ransomware Task Force Operations
Spanish Authorities Arrest 3 in Bitzlato Crackdown
Webinar On-Demand: Why Organizations are Adopting MDR Services
Webinar On-Demand: MDR In-Action
2 Vendors Among BlackCat's Alleged Recent Ransomware Victims
Malware Blurs Line Between Banking Trojan and Surveillance
Implementing a Zero Trust Framework at Scale
Forescout Gets 4th CEO Since 2020, Hires Barry Mainz
North Korean Hackers Attacked Horizon, Confirms FBI
CommonSpirit Facing 2 Proposed Class Actions Post-Breach
What Federal Charges Against Bitzlato Mean for Cybercrime
EU PEGA Committee Hears Call for Policy Overhaul on Spyware
VA: Contractors Have 1 Hour to Report a Security Incident
North Korean Crypto Hackers Keep Nose to the Grindstone
Microsoft Security Sales Hit $20B as Consolidation Increases
Microsoft 365 Cloud Service Outage Disrupts Users Worldwide
Reported Data Breaches in US Reach Near-Record Highs
Clinic Reports Tracking Pixel Breach Involving 3rd Party
Delinea Snags David Castignola as CRO to Push Beyond Banking
Case Study: Policy Compliance With Layered Security
Facebook, Instagram Blasted for 'Lame' Security Practices
Venture Capitalist: Now Is an Ideal Time to Invest in Cyber
Ukraine's Critical Sectors Targeted in Phishing Attack Surge
ISACA Survey: Privacy in Practice 2023 Highlights
FBI Seizes Hive Ransomware Servers in Multinational Takedown
UK Warns of Surge in Russian, Iranian APT Phishing Threats
2 Hacks Involving Mental Health Data Affected Nearly 400,000
Uniform Infrastructure Raises Risk for Industrial Attacks
OneSpan to Buy ProvenDB to Securely Store, Vault Documents
UK Insurers Mostly Withstand Cyber Stress Test
Payments Rules Bring Customer Authentication to Forefront
ISMG Editors: Why Are Ransomware Profits Dipping?
Russian Nuisance Hacking Group KillNet Targets Germany
Entity Will Pay $4.3 Million Settlement in 2nd Big Hack Case
European IoT Manufacturers Lag in Vulnerability Disclosure
Coinbase Fined 3.3 Million Euros by Dutch Central Bank
Ukraine Links Media Center Attack to Russian Intelligence
JD Sports Details Data Breach Affecting 10 Million Customers
Tenable's $25M Venture Capital Fund Seeks Early-Stage Firms
Founder Sachin Nayyar Back as CEO of Identity Vendor Saviynt
Russian Sandworm APT Adds New Wiper to Its Arsenal
HHS, AHA Warn of Surge in Russian DDoS Attacks on Hospitals
Okta Exec Sagnik Nandy on Protecting the Extended Workforce
ITRC Breach Report: Lack of Transparency, Details Worsen
Snyk CEO Peter McKay on Making Defense Easier for Developers
Juniper Exec Samantha Madrid on Pursuing Single-Vendor SASE
Microsoft-Verified OAuth Apps Used to Infiltrate Inboxes
Trellix CEO on Unifying Endpoint, SecOps and Data Protection
OpenEMR Flaws Could Allow Attackers to Steal Data, More
CISA to Set Up New Office for Supply Chain Security
Skyrocketing Cyber Insurance Premium Growth May Slow
Radiant Logic Pursues Identity Governance With Brainwave Buy
White House Mulls Banning Huawei's Access to US Technology
Vectra CEO on How to Lower the SaaS, Identity Attack Surface
Illumio CEO on Fighting Ransomware via Endpoint Segmentation
Bitdefender CEO Florin Talpes on Bringing XDR to the Masses
FTC Hits Firm With $1.5M Fine in Health Data-Sharing Case
The Push for New Healthcare Sector Cybersecurity Legislation
Banner Year for North Korean Cryptocurrency Hacking
Tanium Taps Tibco CEO Dan Streetman to Replace Orion Hindawi
Ransomware Hit on ION Group Delays EU Derivatives Trades
'No Pineapple' Hacking Campaign Reveals North Korean Toolkit
Ransomware Gang Stole Customer Data, Arnold Clark Confirms
Ready or Not? Test Your Ransomware Defenses Against Real-World Playbooks
Penetrating the Cloud: Uncovering Unknown Vulnerabilities
CEO Marko on How the Russia-Ukraine War Has Affected Eset
Okta Lays Off 300 Employees After Sales Execution Challenges
Lacework CEO on How to Prioritize Cloud Infrastructure Risks
Microsoft OneNote Is Latest Malware Vector
BlackCat Adds Indian Missile Fuel Maker to Its Victims List
Splunk CEO on Enriching the SIEM With UEBA and Threat Intel
Russian Hackers Focused on Espionage, Not System Destruction
Checkmarx CEO on Bringing Application, API Security Together
Ubiquiti Insider Hacker Pleads Guilty
Dragos CEO on Opening Execs' Eyes to OT Security Threats
Feds Smack Banner Health With $1.25 Million Fine in Breach
Scottish Schools' Use of Facial Recognition Violated GDPR
How Much Did BonqDAO Lose in Smart Contracts Hack?
ISMG Editors: Does US Takedown Mark Hive Group's Demise?
Wiz CEO on the Need to Consolidate Cloud Security Technology
World Economic Forum's Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 Highlights
Proofpoint CEO on Thwarting Post-Compromise Lateral Movement
Cyberattack Wave on Healthcare Reaches Florida and Maryland
CEO Faitelson on How Varonis' SaaS Migration Helps Customers
Jeetu Patel on Having a Consistent Design at Cisco Security
Indian Official Highlights Djvu Ransomware as Threat
IBM Security GM on Seeing a Target Through the Hacker's Eyes
Hackers Posing as Ukrainian Ministry Deploy Info Stealers
CrowdStrike CEO on Why It's Tough to Defend Sensitive Assets
Massive Ransomware Campaign Targets VMware ESXi Servers
Crypto's Decentralized Finance Security Problem
Leveraging AI for EDR Solutions
Check Fraud: What Hurdles Are Facing Banks?
Notorious Finnish Hacker 'Zeekill' Busted by French Police
Trusona Exec Goldman on Bringing Usability to Authentication
Discussion: Mitigating Risks to Customer Account Integrity
BlackBasta Blamed for Global Attacks on VMware ESXi Servers
Mergers and Acquisitions in Healthcare: The Security Risks
Lawsuit Alleges GoodRx Unlawfully Shared Health Data
'PixPirate' Banking Trojan Targets Brazilian Pix Users
UScellular Customer Data on Hacker Forum
Microsoft Experiences Second Major Cloud Outage in 2 Weeks
Hacking and Cybersecurity in a New Era
Why You Need to Wake Up to API Security Vulnerabilities
Secureworks Lays Off 9% of Staff; CFO, Threat Intel Head Out
European Police Shut Down Encrypted App Used by Criminals
Defend Your Data in Microsoft Cloud from Account Compromise
Lawsuit: Cedars-Sinai Sharing Patient Data From Websites
Ryuk-Linked Russian Pleads Guilty in US Court
Claudia Plattner Picked as New Head of Germany's BSI
Fortinet Weathers Economic Storm by Helping Users Cut Costs
Ransomware: ESXiArgs Campaign Snares at Least 2,803 Victims
Skybox Security Snags Digital Guardian's Mo Rosen as New CEO
Hong Kong Police Disrupt International Phishing Syndicate
E-Commerce Shops: 12% Are Publicly Exposing Private Backups
Ransomware Attack Disrupts Operations at MKS Instruments
Ontario Hospital Among Latest Healthcare Cyberattack Victims
Russian Hackers Suspected of Accessing Email of British MP
Twitter, YouTube, Instagram Crippled by Massive Outages
Modified ESXiArgs Ransomware Blocks VMware Host Recovery
CyberArk Promotes COO Matt Cohen to Replace CEO Udi Mokady
Check Fraud: An Easier Route for Fraudsters?
PE Firm Francisco Partners to Purchase Sumo Logic for $1.7B
US and UK Sanction Members of Russian TrickBot Gang
Irish University Confirms Ransomware Behind Campus Closures
Senators Grill Telehealth Firms on Data-Sharing Practices
2023 Threat Landscape: What's New in ‘23
US, South Korea Warn of North Korean Ransomware Threats
Cybercriminals Bypass OpenAI's Restrictions on Malicious Use
Darknet Marketplace Revenue Plummets After Hydra Raid
2023 Cyber Bank Heists Report: The Rise of Punitive Attacks
Google's Christiaan Brand on Bringing Passkeys to the Masses
ISMG Editors: How Police Nabbed the Notorious Zeekill Hacker
Australia Bans Hikvision & Dahua Cameras From Defense Sites
Tackling Top Cyber Challenges in APAC's Healthcare Sector
California Medical Group's Ransomware Breach Affects 3.3M
Merck Germany Exec on Why FIDO is Still Such a Tough Sell
Reddit Data Breach Leaks Code, Internal Data
Play Ransomware Lists A10 Networks on Its Leak Site
Clop Ransomware Claims Widespread GoAnywhere MFT Exploits
Overcoming Identity and Access Challenges in Healthcare
Check Point Finally Enters SD-WAN Space With Organic Product
Israel's Technion University Under Ransomware Attack
Hindsight Is 2020
BlackCat Leaks Data Belonging to Irish University
South Korea Sanctions Pyongyang Hackers
Key Themes of RSA 2023: Diversity of Ideas - New and Old
What's the Best Approach to Tackle First-Party Fraud?
Sanctioned Crypto Mixer Blender Reappears Under New Name
Zscaler Buys Canonic Security to Thwart Supply Chain Attacks
Chinese Threat Group Leaks Hacking Secrets in Failed Attack
Spanish Police Bust Phishing Ring That Defrauded Thousands
Demisto Founders Launch Passwordless Authentication Company
6 Networks Named in Nationwide Health Data Exchange Effort
CHS: 1 Million Patients Affected by GoAnywhere MFT Hack
Russian Found Guilty of Insider Trading in Hacking Case
Shift Left Done Right: Five Obstacles to Secure Coding – and How to Overcome Them
Forrester | Standing Up a High-Yielding Cybersecurity Resilience Program
Oakland Declares Emergency Following Ransomware Attack
Microsoft's February Patch Tuesday Fixes 3 Zero-Days
Deepwatch Raises $180M in Splunk-Backed Funding to Boost MDR
Feds Urge Health Sector Entities to Guard Against DDoS
Open Systems Splits Ontinue MDR Division From SASE Business
Royal Mail Refused 'Absurd' LockBit Extortion Demand
Ukraine Withstands Torrent of Russian Cyberattacks
Chris Inglis Steps Down as White House Cybersecurity Adviser
Ransomware Campaigns Compromise More VMware ESXi Hosts
2022 Cyberthreat Trends and the Need for New Cyber Education
Accenture Acquires Morphus to Take on Cyber Fraud in Brazil
2022 Cyberattack Has Cost CommonSpirit $150 Million So Far
US Takes Aim at Illicit Advanced Technology Reaching China
Forcepoint CEO on How SSE Eases Unified Policy Application
Kia and Hyundai Fix TikTok Security Challenge
Cops in Israel and France Cuff Suspected CEO Fraudsters
Computer Crime: Britain Plans to Overhaul 32-Year-Old Law
ISMG Editors: Ransomware Campaign Hits Outdated VMware Hosts
FBI Investigates Hacking Incident Inside Its Systems
Making the Case for Endpoint Backup
European Cyber Agencies Warn of Chinese Espionage Threat
Ukraine Observed 181M Information Security Incidents in 2022
Airbus Bids for 30% Stake in Atos' Evidian Security Business
Partnership Insecurity: Practice the Art of Diligence
2 State AGs Slap DNA Testing Lab With HIPAA Fines for Hack
GoDaddy Fingers Hacking Campaign for 3-Year Run of Breaches
New Tools and Integration Are Detecting Check Fraud Faster
Spanish Court Approves Twitter Hacking Suspect's Extradition
Imperva CEO on Maximizing Visibility Into Unstructured Data
Forrester: Security Analytics Tools a Challenge to Manage
Twitter to Charge for SMS Second-Factor Authentication
Darktrace Taps EY to Probe Finances Amid Short-Seller Claims
HHS Will Seek HIPAA Changes for Reproductive Health Data
Norwegian Authorities Seize $5.86 Million From Lazarus Group
OnDemand I Email Threat Landscape Today and Building a Comprehensive Email Security Program
OnDemand I Experience Cisco Secure Network Analytics
Ireland Set to Notify 20,000 More Health Data Breach Victims
Crypto Exchange Coinbase Details SMS Phishing Attacks
Australia Unveils Game Plan to Guard Critical Infrastructure
2 Health Data Hacks Affect More Than 1 Million Individuals
Pennsylvania Health System CEO Confirms BlackCat Attack
Nikesh Arora: ChatGPT Best Thing That's Happened to Security
Why You Should be Utilizing MDR in Public Sector
Faster Lives Need Faster Payments
DDoS Attacks Becoming More Potent, Shorter in Duration
Cyren Ceases Operations After Financing, Sale Efforts Fail
New HardBit 2.0 Ransomware Tactics Target Insurance Coverage
5 Lawsuits Filed in Ransomware Breach Affecting 3.3 Million
Russia-Ukraine War: Cyberattacks Fail to Best Partnerships
Europe Will 'Streamline' Cross-Border GDPR Enforcement
Breach Roundup: Activision, SAS, Dole, Atlassian, VGTRK
The Security Perks and Perils of OpenAI on Microsoft Bing
LA School District Confirms Student Data Leaked in Attack
Cryptohack Roundup: Hope Finance, Platypus and Coinbase
Suspected NLBrute Malware Developer Pleads Not Guilty
How to Fight Check Fraud: Look Beyond Technology
ISMG Editors: Zero Trust Special
Real-World Tips for Effective IR and Threat Detection for SaaS
Shielding Your Sensitive Data: A Guide to Microsoft Cloud Security
Protect Your People and Your Data
CISA Warns of Cyberattacks on Ukraine War Anniversary
Intel 471 Promotes Jason Passwaters to CEO to Land Prospects
Ukraine Finds 2-Year-Old Russian Backdoor
Tesla Revises Camera Settings Following Privacy Concerns
Wiz Raises $300M on $10B Valuation to Safeguard Cloud Data
Authorities Warn Healthcare Sector of Ongoing Clop Threats
Asia-Pacific Faced the Highest Share of Cyberattacks in 2022
Cisco to Buy Startup Valtix to Guard Workloads Across Clouds
EU Orders Staff to Remove TikTok From Phones, Devices
Healthcare Most Hit by Ransomware Last Year, FBI Finds
Telehealth Privacy Concerns to Be in Spotlight Post-COVID-19
OnDemand Webinar: Stop Worrying About Your MDR Strategy
PureCrypter Targets North America, APAC Government Agencies
Evolution of Attack Surface Management
US Official Reproaches Industry for Bad Cybersecurity
10 Belt-Tightening Tips for CISOs to Weather the Downturn
Online Shopping Cart Software Vulnerable: German BSI Report
CyberMaxx Taps Ex-Threat Stack CEO to Aid Offensive Security
Australia Centralizes Government Cybersecurity Response
Chinese State Hackers Level Up Their Abilities: CrowdStrike
Man Gets 11-Year US Federal Sentence for Global BEC Scam
Checkmarx Snags Ex-Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri as New Leader
Supreme Court Hears Healthcare Identity Theft Case
Ransomware Hits US Marshals Service
CISO Discussion Featuring Forrester: Key Forces Shaping the Future of SOC Automation
Attackers Hacked Into LastPass Via Employee's Home Computer
3rd FTX Official Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges
Why Fraud Continues to Dominate Faster Payments
Investment Scam Network Relies on Massive IT Infrastructure
FTC: Amazon, One Medical Must Keep Privacy Promises
Summa Equity Buys Majority Stake in Logpoint to Bolster M&A
EU Data Protection Board Casts Doubt on Privacy Framework
Irish Authorities Levy GDPR Fine in Centric Health Breach
Okta CEO: Identity Governance Has 'The Markings of a Hit'
White House Unveils Biden's National Cybersecurity Strategy
British Retailer WH Smith Discloses Breach of Employee Data
Breach Roundup: News Corp, Dish Network and Danish Hospitals
Tom Kellermann: 'This Is a True Strategy'
Choosing the Right Encryption Method to Securely Exchange Files
FTC Bans Online Counseling Firm From Sharing Health Data
Former US CISO on New US Cybersecurity Strategy: 'It's Bold'
US Cybersecurity Strategy Shifts Liability Issues to Vendors
Security Firm COO Loses Bid to Dismiss Cyberattack Case
HPE Buys SSE Firm Axis Security to Obtain Single-Vendor SASE
Zscaler Lays Off 3% of Staff Amid Delays Closing Large Deals
Asian Data Center Outsourcer Hacks Affect Fortune 500 Firms
US EPA Regulates Public Drinking Water for Cybersecurity
US Cybersecurity Strategy Doubles Down on Hitting Ransomware
BlackLotus Malware Bypasses Secure Boot on Windows Machines
ISMG Editors: US Supreme Court May Limit Identity Theft Law
Chinese APT Group Deploying New Malware Backdoor
CISA Warns That Royal Ransomware Is Picking Up Steam
Biden National Cyber Strategy Poses Challenges to Healthcare
Phishing Campaign Targets Job Seekers, Employers
Why Are Security Fears About ChatGPT So Overblown?
European Police Nab Suspected DoppelPaymer Operators
Play Ransomware Partially Leaks Stolen City of Oakland Data
Palo Alto, Versa, Cisco Lead First-Ever SASE Tech Evaluation
BlackCat Leaking Patient Data and Photos Stolen in Attack
Fake Emails From Russian Duo Lead to Propaganda Videos
Germany's 5G Safety Review Could Ban Huawei and ZTE Gear
WTW Uses Mend to Reduce MTTR
Arctic Wolf CEO on Incident Response, M&A, Cyber Insurance
US Senators Aim to Block Foreign Tech That Poses Threat
Scrutiny Over Health Data Tracking, Disclosures Grows
CrowdStrike Goes Downmarket With Dell Pact, Small Biz Bundle
Financial Crimes : Actionable Insights for Fraud Prevention & AML Professionals
HDB Financial Services Finds Breach at Data Processor
French Cyber Insurance Law Provokes Uncertainty
Don't Just Monitor - Actively Block Supply Chain Attacks
New Guide to Help Healthcare Entities Implement NIST CSF
UK Reintroduces Bill Proposing Modifying Country's GDPR
Transparent Tribe Spread CapraRAT Via Fake Messaging Apps
Hackers Sell US Lawmaker Data Stolen From Insurance Market
Cryptohack Roundup:, Algodex
US Intelligence Ranks China as Top National Security Threat
Breach Roundup: A Barcelona Hospital, AT&T and Hatch Bank
Vendor Faces Lawsuit in Wake of an Apparent 'Royal' Attack
CHS to Notify 1 Million in Breach Linked to Software Flaw
Western Capitals Riled by Russian Hacking
Cybersecurity Poised for Spending Boost in Biden Budget
Blackbaud to Pay $3 Million Over 'Erroneous' Breach Details
ISMG Editors: Assessing the New US Cybersecurity Strategy
HHS OCR Asks Congress for Big Funding Boost
European Central Bank to Hold Cyber Stress Tests for Banks
Not-So-Cerebral Sharing of Mental Health Data Hits Millions
SVB Collapse Is 'Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound' for Startups
Feds Will Make SVB Depositors Whole, Avoiding Payroll Crisis
Hacker Steals $200 Million From Euler Finance
SVB Dominoes Fall: HSBC Buys UK Arm; Feds Grab Canadian Arm
Ukraine Tracks Increased Russian Focus on Cyberespionage
North Korean Hackers Find Value in LinkedIn
Heart Device Maker Says Hack Affected 1 Million Patients
Dark Pink APT Group 'Very Likely' Back in Action
Darknet Markets Thrive Despite Repeat Disruptions by Police
Emotet Is Back Again!
Breast Cancer Patients Sue Over Breached Exam Photos, Data
Feds Fine Web Hosting Firm in Kids Insurance Site Hack
UK Mulls TikTok Ban on Government Networks
UK Unveils Agency to Counter Threats to Private Sector
US CISA to Warn Critical Infrastructure of Ransomware Risk
SentinelOne CEO: Cloud Security May Be Bigger Than Endpoint
Illicit Crypto Miners Find a New Fave in Privacy Coin Dero
Rubrik Breached Via Zero-Day Attack Exploiting GoAnywhere
Proof of Concept: Is New US Cyber Strategy Really Viable?
US SEC Amps Up Regulatory Proposals for Market Cybersecurity
MKS Instruments Ransomware Attack Results in $200M Sales Hit
ChipMixer Shut Down for Allegedly Laundering $3 Billion
CISA Alert: 4-Year-Old Software Bug Exploited at US Agency
Rapid7 Buys Ransomware Prevention Firm Minerva Labs for $38M
Long-Term Care Services Firm Says Breach Affects 4.2 Million
Microsoft Fixes Russia-Exploited Zero-Day
Cryptohack Roundup: ChipMixer, Euler Finance, Unpatched Bugs
Russia May Be Reviving Cyber Ops Ahead of Spring Offensive
Australian Non-Bank Lender Discloses Hacks of Customer Data
What Does the UK Version of GDPR Mean for Businesses?
US FTC Probes Social Media Over Fraudulent Ads
Microsoft, CrowdStrike Lead Endpoint Protection Gartner MQ
Healthcare Leaders Call for Cybersecurity Standards
Breach Roundup: Med Devices, Hospitals and a Death Registry
Magniber Ransomware Group Exploiting Microsoft Zero-Day
SVB Parent Company Seeks Bankruptcy Amid Asset Sale Process
ISMG Editors: Will SVB Crash Kill Cybersecurity Innovation?
TikTok Says US Threatens Ban Unless Chinese Owners Divest
What the FTC Is Signaling in Recent Data Privacy Cases
Chinese Hackers Targeting Security and Network Appliances
European Digital Identity Bill Heads to Final Negotiations
FBI Says It Arrested BreachForums Mastermind 'Pompompurin'
Hitachi Energy Latest Victim of Clop GoAnywhere Attacks
It's Raining Zero-Days in Cyberspace
How Russia's Ukraine War Disrupted the Cybercrime Ecosystem
Fresh Vishing Campaign Targeting South Korean Users
Lawsuit Against Clinic Seeks Long List of Cyber Improvements
Hacker Exploits Months-Old Bug to Steal Crypto From ATMs
Ransomware Will Target Transport Sector OT, Says ENISA
Building Cyber Resilience into Your Cloud-First Strategy
Forrester Report: Zero Trust Adoption in Europe Is High
Harnessing Identity Data on Your Journey to Zero Trust
BreachForums Closes Amid Worries Over Law Enforcement Access
US Charges Bulgarian Woman in $4B OneCoin Fraud Case
NYC Special Needs Students' Records Found Exposed on Web
Move over, telecomplexity: Scaling your UCaaS/CCaaS globally
Google Suspends Chinese App Following Malware Discovery
Hackers Are Actively Exploiting Unpatched Adobe ColdFusion
US FTC Seeks Information on Cloud Provider Cybersecurity
Orca Promotes CPO Gil Geron to CEO to Drive Efficient Growth
DC Health Link Facing Lawsuits in Hack Affecting Congress
Splashtop Buys Foxpass to Bring Enterprise IAM to the Masses
Russians Can Use Crypto to Evade Sanctions, Researchers Warn
TikTok CEO Aims to Assure Lawmakers Americans' Data Is Safe
Online Card Fraud Flourishes, Thanks to the Magnetic Stripe
Credit Card Stealer Targets WordPress Payment Plug-Ins
Report: Threat Landscape Growing Scarier for Healthcare
US Officials Urged to Examine Chinese Risk to Electric Grid
Breach Roundup: Ferrari, Indian Health Ministry and the NBA
Lawmakers Weigh Laws Proposed in Biden's Cyber Strategy
Cryptohack Roundup: BitPay, Euler Finance, Gala Games
SideCopy APT Targets India's Premier Defense Research Agency
GitHub Replaces Private RSA SSH Key After Public Exposure
ISMG Editors: What's Next in Russia's Cyber War?
Corelight Pursues IR Partnerships, Smaller Enterprise Deals
Device Maker Zoll Facing 7 Lawsuits in Wake of Breach
US Sends Cyber Team to Aid Albania's Cyber Defenses
How BreachForums' 'Pompompurin' Led the FBI to His Home
Advanced Authentication: Trust Your Digital ID in Mainframe
Clop GoAnywhere Attacks Have Now Hit 130 Organizations
3-Year JS Injection Campaign Targets 51,000 Websites
ChatGPT Exposed Payment Card Data of Subscribers
First Citizens-SVB Deal Gives Startups, VCs More Certainty
Ransomware Groups Seek Fresh Tactics Following Hive Takedown
Indian Police Charge Gang With Stealing 168M Citizens' Data
Inside CrowdStrike's 2023 Global Threat Report
Twitter Says Source Code Leaked on GitHub, Files Subpoena
First Citizens CEO: We'll Preserve Strong SVB Bond With VCs
US Limits Government Use of Advanced Smartphone Spyware
NY AG Hits Law Firm With $200K Settlement in Health Breach
TikTok Faces Further Bans in Europe
'Stronger Together' - Preview of RSA Conference 2023
3 Lawsuits Filed Against BetterHelp in Wake of FTC Action
Latitude Financial Admits 14M Customer Details Breached
Essential Steps to Building a Robust API Security Program
North Korean Threat Groups Steal Crypto to Pay for Hacking
Facebook Opposes Irish Data Watchdog's 265-Million-Euro Fine
Health Plan, Mental Health Provider Hit by GoAnywhere Flaw
Lawmakers Urge CISA to Devise Better Measures of Performance
Nigerian Sentenced to 4 Years for Scamming US Citizens
Phishing Campaign Goes Cutting-Edge With IPFS
OnDemand I Mature XDR Implementation Can Improve Your Security Resilience by 45%
OnDemand I Protecting Against Complex Threats With XDR and Network Telemetry
Pentagon Doubles Down on Zero Trust
Deception: The Secret Weapon Against Identity-Based Attacks
FDA Will Begin Rejecting Medical Devices Over Cyber Soon
Cisco Buys Startup Lightspin to Address Cloud Security Risks
Financial Services: Managing Changes to SEC Regulations
Airbus, Atos Ax Deal for Minority Stake in Evidian Cyber Arm
Tech Luminaries Call for Pause in AI Development
Gaining the Intelligence Advantage with Cyber Human Intelligence Gathering
Phishing Campaign Tied to Russia-Aligned Cyberespionage
Will Customer Refunds for Scams Trigger First-Party Fraud?
Ransomware Groups Hit Unpatched IBM File Transfer Software
Breach Roundup: Lumen, QNAP, NCB and Toyota Italy
Leaks Reveal Moscow Source for Hacking, Disinformation Tools
Rising Industrial Attacks Require Suppliers With OT Smarts
3CX Desktop Client Under Supply Chain Attack
Court Won't Certify Class Action Lawsuit in CareFirst Hack
Cryptohack Roundup: Euler Finance, SafeMoon, BitKeep
Spyware Campaigns Exploited Zero-Day iOS and Android Flaws
Practical Lessons From Battlefields for CISOs
Why Firms Need to Invest in Security as Response Strategy
Your Workforce Is Your Biggest Return on Investment
Italian Privacy Watchdog Imposes ChatGPT Ban
3 More Healthcare Entities Report Website Tracking Breaches
Subprime Lender TitleMax Hit With Hacking Incident
SEC Eyes Final Rules on Incident Disclosure, Board Expertise
Evolving AlienFox Malware Steals Cloud Services Credentials
Ukrainian Cops Bust Phishing Group That Stole $4.3 Million
North Korean Lazarus Group Linked to 3CX Supply Chain Hack
Chinese E-Commerce Giant Pinduoduo Allegedly Spies on Users
British Outsourcing Giant Capita Disrupted by Online Attack
Cybereason Taps SoftBank's Eric Gan to Replace CEO Lior Div
Western Digital Discloses Breach a Day After My Cloud Outage
Great eXpeltations: Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions for 2023
Latest on Ransomware and Phishing Attacks
Fake Data Theft Proof Leads to Royal Ransomware Outbreak
Cradlepoint Buys Ericom to Fuel Cloud Defense in 5G Settings
TikTok Fined in UK for Children's Privacy Violation
Florida Hospital Begins Breach Notification Post-Attack
West Virginia Hospital to Report Breach in 'Donut' Data Leak
Pirated Software Compromised Ukrainian Utility Company
US DOJ Seizes $112M Linked to Pig-Butchering Scams
Rorschach Ransomware Opts for Speed and Stealth, Not Hijinks
Best Practices to Pass an IT Security Audit
Police Seize Hacker Bazaar Genesis Market
Army Doc Seeks Separate Trial From Spouse in Records Case
OpenText, Google, Varonis Lead Data Security Forrester Wave
US Prosecutors Indict Estonian for Selling Metasploit
Spanish Police Arrest 'Dangerous' Teenage Hacker
Stemming the Rising Tide of Fraud with Machine Learning and AI
Google Warns of North Korean 'Archipelago' Cyberattacks
Why Health Entities Must Scrutinize Use of Web Tracking Tech
Making the Most of Threat Intelligence in Healthcare
Making Cyber Threat Intelligence Programs Effective and Impactful
Inside the Mind of an APT
Forrester Expert Explores Latest Supply Chain Attack Trends
Breach Roundup: Uber, Nebu and Oakland, California
US Trauma Centers Hit by KillNet's Recent DDoS Barrage
Cryptohack Roundup: Thieves Return Stolen Funds
Researchers Uncover New European Malware-as-a-Service Group
Asia-Pacific NGOs Lack Basic Cyber Controls, Finds Survey
ISMG Editors: Identity Security Special
Stop Emerging Threats: 3rd-Party Risk, ChatGPT & Deepfakes
Netography Brings Data Science, Detection to Monitoring Tool
Microsoft Gets Court Order to Sinkhole Cobalt Strike Traffic
Researchers Find Flaws in Japanese Word Processor Ichitaro
Apple Issues Emergency Fix for Spyware-Style Zero-Days
White House Probes Classified Intelligence 'Discord Leaks'
Suspected Apple iOS Zero-Day Used to Spread 'Reign' Spyware
Proposed Health IT Certification Rules Target AI, Privacy
Feds Call for Certifying, Assessing Veracity of AI Systems
Latitude Financial Refuses to Pay Ransom
Microsoft Patches Zero-Day Bug Exploited by Ransomware Group
HHS Wants HIPAA Changes to Protect Reproductive Health Info
Cryptohack Roundup: GDAC, Yearn Finance, SushiSwap
API Security: Do You Even Know Your Risk?
CISA, Others Unveil Guide for Secure Software Manufacturing
Breach Roundup: Hyundai, Yum! Brands, Dutch RaidForums Users
Online Alcohol Counselor: Web Tracker Breach Affects 109,000
National Guardsman Arrested for Military, Intelligence Leaks
Russian APT Hackers Actively Targeting European NATO Allies
Cybersecurity 'Doom Loop' at Crossroads
EU's Proposed CSAM Bill Poses Hacking Risks
Feds Describe Intelligence Leak Probe as Criminal Matter
Will Other Countries Follow Italy's Ban of ChatGPT?
Snyk Lays Off Another 128 Staffers as Economic Woes Persist
How FDA's New Policy Aims to Improve Medical Device Security
ISMG Editors: RSA Conference 2023 Preview
Conquering the Unique IAM Challenges in Healthcare
APT36 Running Espionage Ops Against India's Education Sector
Netskope, Zscaler, Palo Alto Lead SSE Gartner Magic Quadrant
European Scrutiny of ChatGPT Grows as Probes Increase
US Charges Chinese Officials With Running Troll Farm
API Security Concerns Explode, Says Akamai
Global Cloud Migration: Security Lessons Not Being Learned
WhatsApp, Signal Preview UK Exit Over Threat to Encryption
Safe Security Raises $50M to Bring ML to Risk Quantification
How Banks Can Control Fraud With FedNow Instant Payments
Ukraine Facing Phishing Attacks, Information Operations
Akamai to Buy Startup Neosec for API Detection and Response
Russian Hacktivists Aspire to Attack Critical Infrastructure
Iranian State Hacker Aggression Escalates, Says Microsoft
AI Heightens Cyber Risk for Legacy Weapon Systems
Unify Your Security Operations With Splunk Mission Control
Poorly Set Server, Human Error Blamed for DC Health Breach
Refurbished Routers Contain Sensitive Corporate Data
Commercial Surveillance Industry Set for Growth, Says NCSC
North Korean Hackers Chained Supply Chain Hacks to Reach 3CX
Cryptohack Roundup: Bitrue, Hundred Finance, SafeMoon
Identity Threat Detection and Response: What It Means
Annual Threat Report: Identity Attacks on the Rise
US Secret Service Versus Business Email Compromise
Enhanced Security Resilience for Government
Best Practices for Answering Third-Party Risk Questions
Fortra Hacker Installed Tools on Victim Machines
F5 Lays Off 623 Staffers as Customers Postpone New Purchases
Cyber Experts Predict More Harmful Cyberattacks in Ukraine
Breach Roundup: US CFPB, NCR and Rheinmetall
SEI Sphere: How Cyber Risk Is Business Risk
When CISOs Are Called to Testify in Courtrooms
Ransomware: From the Boardroom to the Situation Room
Cloud Migration Challenges and Strategies for a Secure Future Workplace
Symantec: More X_Trader Supply Chain Attacks Uncovered
Authentication Vendor Yubico to Go Public at $800M Valuation
ISMG Editors: Cryptocurrency Special
North Korean APT Group Now Deploying Linux Malware Variant
Novel Technique Exploits Kubernetes RBAC to Create Backdoors
How to Eradicate Cybercriminal Access to the Data Gold Mine
Protecting CISOs From Taking the Blame
Securing IT/OT Systems for Critical Infrastructure
Combating Human Trafficking With Threat Intelligence
It's OpenAI Season for Bug Hunting
Threat Response: SOC Analysts Prepare for an Uphill Battle
VC Expert: Cybersecurity Industry Is Ready for New Players
Equifax: The New Era of Cybersecurity
Electronic Pearl Harbor Prophet Issues Metaverse Warning
CISA: Protecting Critical Infrastructure Is a Shared Mission
Bad Actors Employ Next-Gen Hacking Methods for Innovation
Prioritizing Cybersecurity Amid Economic Headwinds
The Hottest Security Technologies for Early-Stage Startups
Cyber Professionals Are Stressed Out, Overworked, Underpaid
The New Investment Frontier: Defending AI Models, Algorithms
Moving Zero Trust Conversations Beyond the CISO to the Board
Strengthening Cybersecurity for Organizations Without a SOC
Why Modernizing Defenses for OT Networks, Operations Is Tough